What Are Bio-Spectrum Rays?

Within the Electro-Magnetic Specrum, there are some Rays, such as light, which can be seen by the unaided Human Eye, but MOST are TOTALLY invisible to us. Bio-Spectrum Rays are WELL beyond the ability of the Naked Eye to see them and is capable of penetrating DEEP into the Human Body. It can gently and delightfully elevate the Body's Temperature. When it does so, it helps to expand Capillaries, which stimulates Blood Circulation. This increases the Body's Energy reserve, and accelerates the Metabolic Exchange between Blood and Body Tissue. That's NOT ALL! FIR can actually increase the Body Tissue's regenerative ability. It also reduces abnormalities in the Nervous System and helps the Autonomous Nervous System to function properly. Needless to say, now that the Bio-Spectrum Ray's outstanding Properties are gaining WORLDWIDE Recognition and Acclaim, so that we are beginning to see it appear in a WIDE variety of Medical Applications.

What Is The Difference Between Bio-Spectrum Lamps And Regular Heat Lamps?

Normal Human Body temperature is 98.6 degrees and MOST of our Body heat is typically radiated away as Bio-Spectrum Rays at the 8 ~ 20 micron Wavelength. But the WHOLE Bio-Spectrum has much MORE WIDER Range. So, if we generate a 8 ~ 20 micron Wavelength and direct the Rays to the Human Body, it will match the Radiant Energy, that is leaving the Body and as much as 99% is absorbed BELOW the surface of the Skin. Through this principle of using Complementary Bio-Spectrum Rays, the absorption of Radiant Energy stimulates the flow of Blood throughout your WHOLE body and energizes your Metabolism. Using Bio-Spectrum Rays from the complimentary Bio-Spectrum Wavelength is BEST for the Body's OVERALL comfort!