Capsicum Extract/Cayenne Pepper
Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss
The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper
by Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS
1001 Herbs - Capsicum

Capsicum, nature's greatest stimulant, is extracted from the HOT Cayenne Pepper and then transformed from concentrate into 100% PURE Juice, which will NOT upset the stomach or digestive system, when used internally.
You can use Capsicum Extract internally and externally and do shooters of 1 oz. of Capsicum straight or mixed 50/50 with Water, V8 or Grapefruit Juice etc. every day.
The reason Mexican's do NOT get sick from drinking polluted Water is because they eat HOT Cayenne Peppers daily. Bread is traditionally used to COOL the Heat. "NO Pain, NO Gain!"
Capsicum kills HARMFUL Bacteria inside the Body and is used to HEAL and prevent infection from Sores, Burns and Injuries as well! See "Back to Eden" below.
Capsicum is so SAFE, that MACE Spray, which is made from HOT Cayenne Peppers, causes NO adverse effects, when sprayed directly into the Eyes of an adversary. In fact it could even be considered a HEALTH Treatment for the Eyes!

Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss
The following is an excerpt from "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss, father of herbalists, proven holistic healer, teacher and inventor of Soya Milk.
Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper, Red Pepper, Hot Chile Peppers), one of the most wonderful Herb Medicinals, can be put in an open Wound, either in a fresh Wound or an old Ulcer. It is EFFECTIVE as a Poultice for Sores and Wounds or taken internally for Rheumatism, Inflammation, Fevers and Pleurisy. It is a Stimulant, when taken internally, as well as being an Antispasmodic. Good for Kidneys, Spleen, Pancreas, and Lockjaw. Will HEAL a sore, ulcerated Stomach.
It is good in ALL forms of low Diseases. The KEY to success in Therapy is STIMULATION, and Capsicum is the great STIMULANT! There are many languid people, who need something to make the FIRE of Life burn more brightly! Capsicum, NOT Whiskey, is the thing to do that and can be given WITHOUT Stint or Measure. It is EXCELLENT in the Prevention and Cure of the Common Cold and Flu, Yellow Fever, Black Vomit, Decay and Putrefaction, Gangrene, and Cancers!
There is NO other Stimulant, known to Medical Science so NATURAL, so CERTAIN and with LESS Reaction, following it's CONSTANT use.
It increases the power of ALL other agents, helps the digestion, when taken with meals, and arouses ALL of the secreting Organs, and may be given with the utmost SAFETY! FEAR of Capsicum is unfounded! We've used it FREELY over 1/4 Century.
It's a WONDERFUL Liniment when "used alone as Cold Pressed Extract or" mixed with 2 ounces Gum Myrrh, 1 ounce Golden Seal and 1/2 ounce ground Cayenne Pepper. Mix into 1 quart of Grain Alcohol. Let stand 7 - 10 days, shake every day. HEALS Wounds, Bruises, Sprains, Scalds, Burns, Sunburns, and Pyorrhea of the Gums "Skin Cancer etc." Apply FREELY.

The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper
by Dr. Patrick Quillin
The following is an excerpt from the Complete Handbook of Cayenne Home Remedies by Dr. Patrick Quillin, Director of the Rational Healing Institute he has a doctorate degree in nutrition and is a Registered and Licensed DIetitian (RD & LD) and Certified Nutrition Specialist with the American College of Nutrition.
It's known to STOP a Heart Attack, lower blood sugar in diabetics, normalize Blood Pressure, STOP bleeding in seconds, improve circulation, prevent Motion Sickness - even HALT the Common Cold!
Cayenne Pepper has been prized for 1000s of years for it's healing power. Folklore from around the world recounts AMAZING results, using Cayenne Pepper in simple healing and in baffling health problems. But Cayenne Pepper is NOT just a HEALER from Ancient History. Recent Clinical Studies have been conducted on many of the old-time Health Applications for this MIRACLE Herb! Again and again, the therapeutic value of Cayenne Pepper has been medically VALIDATED!
Scientific evidence also indicates that Cayenne Pepper can be EFFECTIVE in treating Allergies, Indigestion, Abcesses, Tonsilitis, Kidney Problems, Sore Muscles, Nose Bleeds, Brusitis, Posoriasis, Shingles, Night Blindness and much MORE!
It's LIFE-SAVING action is SIMPLE! Cayenne Pepper stimulates Blood Circulation. In Disease, there is a LACK of Circulation or a LACK of FRESH Blood, especially to the area, that is sick or diseased. In other words, accelerating Blood Flow SPEEDS Healing and can have a POSITIVE effect of Vision, Thinking and Memory.

Excerpt from: 1001 Herbs - Capsicum
Categories: Circulatory System, Digestive System
Symptoms: Asthma, Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, Circulation, Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, Intestinal Inflammation, Menstrual Cramps, Ulcers.
Capsicum has been used for decades as a CATALYST for other Herbs. Because Capsicum stimulates circulation and enhances Blood flow, it is considered food for the Circulatory System, a common condiment to the diet.
As a Cardiovascular Stimulant, Capsicum assists in lowering Blood Pressure and breaking down Cholesterol buildup.
The WARMING Properties of Capsicum are useful for people, suffering from POOR circulation to the Hands and Feet and other related conditions.
Capsicum has been used as a digestive AID to ease Intestinal Inflammation, stimulate protective Mucus Membranes of the Stomach, and also RELIEVE Pain caused by Ulcers.
Capsicum is commonly used to BUFFER Pain from other ailments, including Arthritis, Varicose Veins, Headaches, Menstrual Cramps and Bleeding, plus Respiratory Conditions, such as Asthma.

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