Cell Phone Radiation Tester


Radio and microwaves are composed of a particular combination of electric fields and magnetic fields, that are self-sustaining. For frequencies below about 100 MHz. (100 million Hz.) the PRINCIPLE effect on the human body is from the magnetic field only. This is because the electric field component of radio waves produces much WEAKER currents in the body, than does the magnetic field, unless the wavelength of the waves is shorter than the height of the body. Low-frequency electric fields by themselves can be STRONG enough to create a SIGNIFICANT current, but only if they are from sources other than TRUE radio waves.

The radio/microwave section in the TRIFIELD METER™ has a small L-shaped antenna in the front. The signal is amplified and converted to a power density magnitude, calibrated at typical home microwave oven frequency of 2 GHz.. It reads 0 to 1 milliwatt/square centimeter. The resolution in the LOW range is 0.01 mW/cm2, which is the Russian standard for MAXIMUM SAFE microwave exposure to AVOID changes in brain activity(6), and is the most conservative standard of any country. In contrast, the U.S. legal MAXIMUM is 1000 times higher, at 10 mW/cm2, but only BRIEF exposure is allowed at this level. As mentioned, a TRUE radio wave is a particular combination of electric and magnetic fields. A radio wave strength of 0.01 mW/cm2 has 0.006 KV/m and 0.2 milligauss, respectively, of electric and magnetic field (RMS averaged), while a strength of 1 mW/cm2 corresponds to 0.06 KV/M and 2 milliguass. Typical accuracy is within a factor of two.

The radio/microwave detector in the TRIFIELD METER™ is sensitive from 50 million to 3 billion oscillations per second (50 MHz to 3 GHz) and can detect STRONG or unusual atmospheric electrical activity. It can also detect LEAKY microwave ovens, cellular or portable phones, walkie-talkies and concealed surveillance bugs. Minimum and maximum detectable signal strengths: 0.01 milliwatt/cm2 and 1 milliwatt/cm2 respectively.

And so if you use a cell phone at all, I urge you STRONGLY to have it tested for microwave radiation using the TRIFIELD METER™!

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Revised 11/7/11