Activated Charcoal Powder-
Nature's Most Powerful Adsorbent
Tom Harrelson

Activated Carbon/Charcoal is made by cremating Hardwood Logs or Coconut Shells. The resulting Carbon is then steamed, which produces MICROSCOPIC Tunnels, Valleys and Crevices. Lastly, this Activated Carbon/Charcoal is processed to produce sizes from Blocks down to Powder.

Different sizes of the resulting Activated Carbon/Charcoal are then used for different Purposes. When ANY Gases or Liquids pass by &/or through the Activated Carbon/Charcoal, the Substances, as mentioned before, will be ATTRACTED to it's Surface.

Activated Carbon/Charcoal is like a Electrical Sponge, since it ADSORBS ANY Living or Nonliving Substance, which has the OPPOSITE Electrical Charge. Activated Carbon/Charcoal can ADSORB (electrical action), NOT absorb (mechanical action only) over 4,000 Chemicals including Drugs, Poisons, Toxins and Heavy Metals, plus Pathogens! Activated Carbon/Charcoal is used in Air and Water Filters around the World.

A preliminary study done by some Russian Scientists showed that taking Activated Carbon/Charcoal internally could result in a Life Extension of up to 50%!! They found that the Activated Carbon/Charcoal ADSORBED the Toxins from the Bloodstream SO EFFICIENTLY, that the Oxygen and Nutrients could now go through the Cell Membrane WITHOUT IMPEDIMENT!! Other Researchers have also found that the Activated Charcoal does NOT ADSORB Natural Vitamins and Organic Minerals from the Bloodstream or Cell Membrane, but does ADSORB Synthetic Vitamins and Inorganic Minerals!

An Activated Carbon/Charcoal Slurry is used in every Emergency Room for Poisons (manmade or animal), Chemical Toxins/Wastes and Heavy Drug OVERDOSE (Opium, Heroin, Morphine, etc.). Poison Control Centers are also VERY WELL aware of the POWERFUL ADSORBENT Properties of Activated Carbon/Charcoal.

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