Emulsified Cod Liver Oil
Tom Harrelson

The most IMPORTANT Point to consider, concerning Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation, is to CORRECT the FREE Calcium DEFICIENCY present in MOST Arthritics. This requires MUCH LARGER amounts of Vitamin A and D in their NATURAL Form, than what is usually recommended by the "Recommended Daily Allowances" (R.D.A.) tables. The SYNTHETIC Vitamin A and D-2 Products on the market today simply do NOT work! SYNTHETIC Vitamin D-2 does INCREASE Calcium absorption from the Small Intestines, but seems to be TOTALLY INADEQUATE in regulating the use of the Calcium and especially Calcium excretion by the Kidneys.

NATURAL Vitamin D-3, which is found in Fish Liver Oils, is the ONLY Vitamin D, that I have found, which is ADEQUATE. A product, that I'd recommend, which contains 10,000 units of Vitamin A and 1,000 units of Vitamin D per teaspoon, is plain Norwegian Cod Liver Oil liquid. It's more EFFICIENTLY absorbed, when it's mixed with fresh WHOLE Milk or fresh Orange Juice, that's RAPIDLY stirred. An EXCELLENT Cod Liver Oil product, that is already mixed (emulsified), and that tastes GREAT, is TwinLab Dale Alexander's Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil (lemon, mint or orange flavored). I'd recommend, that you take 1 tablespoon, upon rising each morning (1/2 hr. before breakfast) or 2 hrs. after eating a meal. Both products can be found in a Health Food Store and should be taken for at least three months and then the dosage should be cut in half.

You don't need to FEAR about Vitamin A or D TOXICITY with this Dosage, since it's LESS than 1/3 of the TOXICITY Level, that has been reported in the Medical Literature. If you can't take the Cod Liver Oil in liquid form, you can find Cod Liver Oil in capsules at a Health Food Store, but you must realize, that their content of the Vitamin A and D is VERY LOW! Exposure for at least 30 minutes weekly to Sunshine will activate Vitamin D in your body.

After opening your bottle of Emulsified Cod Liver Oil, you should refrigerate and use-up it's contents within one month's time, thus ensuring that your Body doesn't receive any RANCID Oil, that will UNDERMINE the health of your body!

NOTE: Emulsified Cod Liver Oil CLEANS-OUT, NOURISHES and LUBRICATES your Joints! You will NOT be able to obtain these desired healing results, when you take unemulsified Cod Liver Oil and/or Cod Liver Oil Capsules.

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Revised 11/22/12