Dr. Richard Schulze has 3 Black Belts in different Martial Arts and spent over 20 years working out. He has RIPPED almost EVERY muscle in his Body at one time or another and FRACTURED and BROKEN MANY Bones. He REALLY knows what Injury and Pain is! He has used EVERY Commercial Preparation and would ALWAYS sit there, after applying them and thinking, is this it? So he decided to create his own and pull out ALL of the STOPS and NOT wimp out, when it came to adding ENOUGH ingredients! He'll GUARANTEE you, that you will be AMAZED at your Results! His experience, and that of his Patients, is that if you rub in Deep Tissue Oil, in a day or two, your PROBLEM(S) will be GONE!!

Therapeutic Action: A POWERFUL, DEEP PENETRATING and HEATING Oil, that RELIEVES Pain, Inflammation and Stiffness in and PROMOTES Healing for Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles, Cartilage, Joints and Bones. To be used for Arthritis, Bursitis and Lumbago, plus ANY Muscle and/or Bone Pain and/or Injury!

Ingredients: 16 oz. - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 oz. - Peppermint Oil, 16 oz. - Wintergreen Oil, 1 cup - Habanero Cayenne Pepper Powder (300,000 heat units), 1 cup - Ginger Root (grated), 2 cups - Arnica Flowers, (dried), 2 cups - Marigold/Calendula (dried) and 2 cups - Saint John's Wort Flowers (dried).
NOTE: The above amounts will make-up just over 1 qt. of the Oil Formula. But if you can't or don't want to make-up this MUCH Oil, then here are MORE MANAGEABLE Ingredient Amounts to make-up just over 4 oz. of the Oil Formula.
Ingredients: 2 oz. - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1/2 oz. - Peppermint Oil, 2 oz. - Wintergreen Oil, 1/8 cup - Habanero Cayenne Pepper Powder (300,000 heat units), 1/8 cup - Ginger Root (grated), 1/4 cup - Arnica Flowers, (dried), 1/4 cup - Marigold/Calendula (dried) and 1/4 cup - Saint John's Wort Flowers (dried).

Recipe: Put ALL of these Ingredients together in 1 BIG Jar on a New Moon. Allow them to soak until the Full Moon (about 2 weeks), then STRAIN the Liquid through unbleached Muslin Cloth or several layers of unbleached Cheese Cloth.
NOTE: If interested in making an even MORE POWERFUL Formula, then allow the Herbs to soak for 2-3 months, before straining the Liquid on a Full Moon.

Dosage: Use 1 or MORE Dropperfuls on the AFFLICTED Area of the Body and rub in WELL.

You should take a HOT Bath or Shower, before rubbing the Deep Tissue Oil for 15 minutes into the AFFLICTED Area, to INTENSIFY your Treatment.

Also, please don't FORGET to do HOT and COLD Hydrotherapy on the AFFLICTED Area. Until you are WELL, EVERY day you should ALTERNATE VERY HOT Water over the AFFLICTED Area for 1 minute and then ICE COLD over the AFFLICTED Area for 1 minute. ALTERNATE this HOT and COLD for 7 to 10 times. This, alone, will HEAL the AFFLICTED Area, but with the Deep Tissue Oil you will have a MIRACLE!

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