Understanding Your Immune System: Live with
Dr. Richard Schulze

The objective of this DVD is to inspire and encourage the viewer to get and stay well and to prove that we can live a happy, healthy and long life. Dr. Schulze believes that everyone can be healed of any disease, so he set out on a mission to continue this healing crusade after curing himself to some incurable diseases through his daily work of exposing the truth, revealing the unlimited power of our being and educating the use of the herbs and the fundamentals of natural healing and helping the people to help themselves and exposing the medical, pharmaceutical and even the herbal industries.

This DVD clearly encourages the viewer, that we can achieve absolute health through the simple application of use of weeds, flowers, seeds and herbs and knowing what is freely available from nature, how to use it for the highest level of health and well being possible because Dr. Richard Schulze is a living proof of this natural, sacred and pure healing. According to him, getting well is not as difficult as we may think and it is not complicated, but it usually takes a lot more dedication, time and energy to make ourselves healthy. Just follow the basic principles of Natural Healing, be patient and you will live well. Natural Healing will help us increase the quantity and quality of life according to Richard Schulze.

Dr. Schulze goes into extensive detail in his college-level talk about your Immune System on his 2 hrs. 38 mins. DVD.