Quotes About Health And Healing
By Dr. Richard Schulze

"Tommorrow's Health is BUILT on what you do TODAY!"

"Your Body will COMPLETELY HEAL itself, it has the Ability, it just NEEDS your Assistance."

"Getting WELL is EASY, it is getting SICK that takes years of CONSTANT, dedicated HARD Work."

"Getting WELL is just a matter of STOPPING what you did to make yourself SICK and beginning a FEW NEW Programs, that will ENCOURAGE Health."

"The HEALING Journey, that you are about to embark on, is NOT a Burden or a Chore, but a BLESSING. It will be your GREATEST Adventure inward to DISCOVER and CREATE a NEW HEALTHY Life!"

"Your CURRENT State of Health is a PERFECT Reflection of your Genetics reacting to the WAY, that you live and take CARE of yourself. If you're NOT satisfied with the Health, that you've CREATED, NO PROBLEM, just CHANGE the WAY, that you live, your Lifestyle, and you will see an IMMEDIATE CHANGE in your Level of Health."

"Your Body has a BLUEPRINT, a SCHEMATIC of what PERFECT Health is and it is CONSTANTLY trying to achieve this PERFECT Health for you, ALL that goes WRONG is that you get in the WAY of this Natural Process."

"ALL Disease is caused by some type of BLOCKAGE, whether it is Circulatory, Lymphatic, Digestive, Nutritional, Elimination, Emotional, whatever, FREE the BLOCKAGE, let the Energy FLOW and Healing EXPLODES!"

"The BEST WAY to determine, if you're experiencing a Healing CRISIS of your Disease or Illness is VERY SIMPLE. Just ask yourself, what did you do in the last few days?"

Revised 2/29/12