According to F.D.A. Regulations and using your own Common Sense, TOTAL HEALTH Associates wants you to know the following:

ANY F.D.A. Approved Electrotherapy Device (i.e. - BIOSTIM LX TENS Unit) or F.D.A. Investigational Electrotherapy Device (i.e. - POINTER-EXCEL II) can ONLY be sold to you for Medical Use, if you provide a Prescription from a Licensed Physician with your Order.

If you do NOT have a Prescription &/or are purchasing an F.D.A. unapproved Electrotherapy Device (i.e. - BCX ULTRA Frequency Instrument, BIOSTIM LX TENS Unit, ELECTRO-CELLULAR ENERGIZER I™, ELECTRO-CELLULAR ENERGIZER II™, ACU-TREAT Electro-Acupressure Kit, POINTER-EXCEL II™, POINTER-PULSE &/or WAVESHAPER™Frequency Instrument, then you are ONLY allowed, according the F.D.A. to use these Electrotherapy Devices "FOR EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY".
NOTE: You should realize though that you do have LEGAL Rights to self-medicate and if you're interested in MORE Information about your 9th Amendment Rights, then please CLICK HERE.


Do NOT use ANY Electrotherapy Device, if you have a Cardiac Pacemaker, Internal Defribrillator or Metal Implant. Do NOT use ANY Electrotherapy Device, if you are a Pregnant Woman, have Heart Disease, are driving or are using HAZARDOUS Machinery.
NOTE: These Devices should also be kept out of reach of Children.

Do NOT place Electrode Pads over Skin Lesions, Abrasions, NEW Scars, Cuts, Eruptions, or Sunburn. Do NOT advance Output Amplitude to UNCOMFORTABLE Levels. Do NOT fall asleep, while using.

If you feel Sluggish, Faint, Dizzy, Headachy, Nauseous, or have Flu-like Symptoms after Exposures, REDUCE Number of Pulses per Session and/or SHORTEN Session Times. Use CAUTION, if you have IMPAIRED Kidney or Liver Function.

Use Batteries ONLY and do NOT use ANY A.C. Powerline-Connected Power Supply, Transformer, Charger, Battery Eliminator, etc. with a Portable Electrotherapy Device to AVOID Shock Liability.

NOTE: If you are a Healing Practitioner, please see the following UNAPPROVED MEDICAL DEVICES - EXEMPTIONS.

Revised 10/28/10