Dr. Richard Schulze

FACT - The average American home has MORE TOXIC Chemicals in it than a Chemistry Lab did LESS than 100 years ago! In fact, a recent EPA study concluded that air inside American homes is up to 70 TIMES MORE polluted than outdoor air and that TOXIC fumes from common household cleaners cause CANCER!

FACT - OVER 72,000 NEW synthetic chemicals have been developed since WWII and LESS than 2% of them have been tested for TOXICITY! MANY are known to cause Birth DEFECTS, CANCER and DAMAGE the Liver, Kidneys and Brain! MOST have NEVER been tested for LONG Term effects!

FACT - Analysis of human fat, blood, urine breath, mother's milk and even semen demonstrate that EVERYONE on this planet, NOT just those that live NEAR big cities and POLLUTION sources, but EVERYONE (especially Americans) carry 100's of TOXIC LETHAL chemicals in their tissues! Dioxins (Agent Orange), PCB's, DDT, Organophosphates, Organochlorines, the list is VERY LONG! MOST of these TOXIC chemicals present in our bodies have been linked to the SKYROCKETING CANCER rate and ALARMING HIGH rate of reproductive disease and FAILURE!