Faulty Mathematics of Medicine
Dr. Richard Schulze

What Is The MISSING Factor In This Medical Equation?

DIAGNOSIS: The name a doctor puts on your particular group of symptoms, that they believe is your disease.


PROGNOSIS: Prediction of the course and end of a disease, and the Estimate of your chance for recovery.

The Missing Factor Is That The Doctor Believes You Are The Average American!

Let's take a look at the average American's life-style. They eat a low nutrition, high fat and sugar food program. A diet high in overprocessed nutritionally depleted food. They consume 300 soft drinks a year, 170 pounds of white refined sugar, 400 candy bars, 500 doughnuts, and will eat over 12 entire 3,000 pound cows, 6 whole pigs, 3,000 chickens and other birds, and another 3,000 assorted fish and sea creatures and over 30,000 quarts of milk and pass all of this through their digestive system and bloodstream.
They will have an average of 2-4 bowel movements a week coming up 70,000 bowel movements short in their lifetime, definitely having diverticulosis and digestive/elimination problems.
They will get very little exercise, if any, be 25 pounds or more overweight, have hypercholesterolemia with an average level of 200 and have high blood pressure.
They take over 30,000 aspirin and assorted other painkillers in their lifetime along with over 20,000 over-the-counter and prescription drugs and over 2,000 gallons of alcohol.
The average American has a negative self-image, and gets recurring bouts of depression and anxiety. The Average American is physically, emotionally and spiritually sick, therefore the doctor's prognosis of their disease is probably statistically correct!

On The Contrary!

If you live an above-average life-style, a healthy life-style, doctors will know little or nothing about how your body will react and recover from disease or your healing potential. You can expect to have medical miracles happen as occurred with my heart, hand and knee as well as all of my patients.

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