HAWTHORN BERRY: Crataegus Oxyacanthas
The bright red berries of the Hawthorn tree hang in clusters, from thorny branches, and remain on the tree until about September. It is used for its positive effects on the Cardiovascular System, but can also be used to treat digestive problems, insomnia, and sore throat.
The flavonoids in Hawthorn work to increase Oxygen utilization by the heart. It also increases enzyme metabolism and acts as a mild dilator of the Heart Muscle. Hawthorn is a peripheral vasodilator and dilates blood vessels from the Heart. This lowers blood pressure and relieves the burden placed on the Heart.
Hawthorn is given in Europe for cardiac problems such as palpitations, angina, and rapid Heart Beat. Components in Hawthorn have been shown to lower cholesterol, and the amount of plaque in arteries.
This safe and gentle Herb provides important nutrients to your body such as vitamins C, B-complex, iron and zinc. Hawthorn Berry Tincture helps maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.

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