Emerson B. Hartman

BREAST TUMORS: He reports that he had removed many, many breast tumors by this system of treatment. The drainage of the lymph and restoration of a normal circulation, which results from application begins to work at once and completely restores the condition to that of normal.
SPRAINED ANKLES: According to Dr. Skinner, he has found it possible to reduce the swelling of an acute sprain and at the same time the pain so that the person walked away in perfect ease. Were the good doctor himself present to dictate them, he could no doubt give thousands of such cases; but in lieu of this he has written out a complete set of notes on treating by the method. This will be worth much more than a mere recital of the cases treated, since it gives the specific technique for the particular condition under discussion.

This particular method of treating is called by Dr. Skinner. REFLEXING: In this he is joined by De Jarnette. Indeed, the latter utilizes the major contact point given by the Indian in some of his procedures. De Jarnette calls it "THE VAGUS REFLEX". However, as one studies out the physiology of the reflex action, it fails to comply with any of the recognized functions of the Vagus nerve, hence the conclusion must be presumed to be in error. Moreover, as added evidence that it is not of Vagus origin, the action achieved is purely applicable to the PARASYMPATHETIC system, and the Vagus has no true connection with the latter system since the entire origin of the SYMPATHETIC SYSTEM is in the spinal column and not in the brain proper.
While there is a controversy as to the name of the reflex area, and diversity of opinion as to its origin and cause, the main factor to be achieved is RESULTS! If the method gives results, then it is worth while. Call it by any name allowable in decent discourse, attribute to it the mysticism of Tibet, but if it gives good, reliable, physiological results, then by all means use it. And you will find it gives such a high degree of results to be well worth while a little effort in familiarizing yourself with its mechanism; for with it you can relieve pain our on picnics, far away from offices, and even in crowded audiences. I have done it myself, and you can do it. Now her are Dr. Skinner's own notes:
SPRAINS: Reflex around sprains, either old or new ones. Do it at four, five or six points. Lymph impactions will drain away. If swelling returns at once reduce again and gently palpate ligaments and joints . . . adjust into place with finger pressure. Reduce again and patient can walk away usually providing no severe bruise has occurred. It might be well to wrap though not too tightly with gauze and adhesive. Reduce again daily for two or three days which is usually all that is sufficient. Keep bandage on for support (and psychology) for perhaps a week. You can reflex through five or six layers. Give final reflex and repeat at longer intervals, if sprain was very bad, to keep out stiffness.
FRACTURES: Reflex around fractures to promote rapid healing. It will cut time to one-half, depending, of course, on body metabolism and food supply. It is well to give a dozen or so of Vitamin D (50,000 I.U.) capsules . . . one to three daily, with one calcium multiple wafer daily, and one 10 or 15 mg. Vitamin E perle in all fracture cases.
BOILS: Reflex boils, carbuncles, and felons. Boils should break of their own accord four to six hours after reflexing. Felons should clear up at once as soon as the white spot is reflexed out. Carbuncles being deeper may have to be lanced after softening, if they do not head up and break after a couple of reflexes.
LUMPS IN BREASTS: Reflex breasts over each "cord" or "lump," or congested lymphatic channel or node. Palpate carefully with flat of whole finger to avoid bruising and pain. It may require three or four days to completely cure the recurrent congestion . . . and perhaps once a month for three or four months . . . if they continue to fill up that long. These the M.D.'s call "incipient cancer." If they are cancer, you can soften but not cure . . . they will keep recurring daily. These lymph channels may extend clear over to the armpit. They should reflex out and be quickly reduced.
Do NOT reflex over nipples unless they are sore or unless attendant to menstrual period. It seems to hasten the ripening of the ovum. In several cases menstruation has been brought back to women of 65 to 73 years of age. They felt better but were quite angry. So it is well to tell them about it before so reflexing. Check every woman patient for congested breasts to make sure that no such masses get to start needlessly and cause unnecessary mutilation by surgery.
ILEOCECAL VALVE SPASM: Reflex on right edge of rectus abdominus muscle in two lower sections at a point where it will be found tender and be tense so that it can be palpated as a cord. The valve is frequently irritated by gas or inflammation in the cecum, or by impaction in iliac tube, and is too often diagnosed as appendicitis. Three or four days of reflexing will reeducate the sphincter unless there is inflammation or infection or spinal nerve congestion, in which case the attention should be given to tension points along spine to locate the specific trouble or troubles.
APPENDIX: Reflex over McBurney's Point. It will frequently release appendix sphincter and drain the appendix. If infection is present, reduce by repeated reflexing. Watch carefully to make certain an operation is not essential, since the really bad ones must be operated upon. A couple of days will suffice to make certain one way or the other.
GALL BLADDER: Reflex one-half inch out from end of eleventh rib to open the gall bladder. The tip of rib will be bent inward in bad cases of tension in the bladder. Reflexing about one-half to three-fourth inch distance from umbilicus to rib line, and to about one inch upward when a sore and tense spot can be found in the diagonal muscle, will often cause the gall bladder to empty if the eleventh rib tip was first reflexed. The contractions of the gall bladder come as the tension releases and often patient will comment on a gurgle or sudden relief.
INTESTINAL GAS POCKETS: Reflex at tip of twelfth ribs for release of muscles along ascending and descending colon. Along the line of ribs from 11th to 11th, wherever you palpate a "puffy" area or depression you will find a taut muscle cord leading to rectus abdominus. Reflex the rib spot. It will frequently release gas packets, impaction, or even minor infection in both intestines.
SORE JOINTS: Reflex around all joints which are sore to release synovial congestion, or capsular ligament inflammation or tension. This will be found to stop much rheumatic or arthritic onsets. If it is the latter, then be sure to locate the focus of infection.
INFECTION: You can cure infection if it is draining because you are bringing in the fresh lymph with the phagocytes and other white cells. You cannot cure infection which cannot be made to drain. Small foci are like boils, they break and drain into the system; but if they are too large and empty too great an amount of poison, the system will definitely and quickly require purging to get it out.
DELAYED MENSTRUATION: Reflex over ovaries for pain and delayed menstruation, and over uterus which point is at the upper margin of the pubic symphysis to one inch above. You will find puffiness on the bone and tension.
PELVIC FLOOR: Reflex around the margin of the iliac bones to release muscles of pelvic floor, also on outside of iliac bones to trochanter and from ischia to sacrum. This has been used to permit six or seven cases of hip joint fracture to walk freely without crutch or cane. One case at the age of 76 who had been released for about six months after eleven months under traction and cast in bed. In all taut cords use deep pressure, use it also on sore spots and puffiness around a joint. Do not let the pressure slip but maintain it constant except over a blood vessel. Do NOT maintain heavy pressure over a blood vessel. In the case of the 76 year old patient it took only seven days.
EYE STRAIN: Reflex over the eye ball, through closed lids, for eye strain and dimness, at temporal bone on into corner of eye for the deep muscles.
EAR ACHE AND BUZZING: Reflex in front of ear and for one inch up for ear ache and buzzing. Over corner of mastoid and over stylus bone for mastoid inflammation. Over bridge of nose and down under cheek bones for nasal congestion.
TOOTHACHE: Reflex over tooth and from it to junction of the 2 maxillary nerves.
NOSEBLEED: Reflex over upper lip beneath septum for nose bleed.
COLD SORES: Reflex over cold sores when they begin to itch and burn.
HEADACHE, INSOMNIA, NERVOUSNESS: Reflex two to four inches up from brow between the eyes on the median line. This will often put a patient to sleep in from one to two minutes.
ASTHMA AND PULMONARY: Reflex the upper one third of the sternum, and occasionally the middle section, though the middle section usually quiets the coronary muscles and blood vessels.
STOMACH: Reflex the lower section of the sternum for the stomach. The trachea and esophagus range all the way.
GOITER AND THYROID GLAND: Reflex at the external notch.
CARDIAC SPHINCTER OF STOMACH: Tips of the external cartilage.
SPRUNG RIBS: Reflex along the edges of sternum at costo-cartilages.
LIVER TROUBLE: Along edges of sternum at costo-cartilages.
PSEUDO ANGINA: Along collar bone.
ACHES AND SPRAINS: Reflex anywhere there is a sore spot, a puffy bone edge, a taut muscle, an ache, a pain, a spasm, a point of congestion or tetany or a reflex area for one. It is more curative to apply directly over a point of pain or congestion than over a reflex point to nerve of same.
Reflex areas of numbness -- a contracted muscle may give pain directly over the seat, at the tension on either end of it, at the spinal exit of the nerve supplying it, at the end points of the ganglionated chain to one of its plexuses, one of the arteriole networks, or an one of several points of the body seemingly unconnected.
SUNBURN: For sunburn through the upper body. Throw the beat to each shoulder blade, and a couple of points on ribs on each side. The heat will leave at once. Sometimes just the shoulder blade will clear up the entire side. The dissipation of the heat is permanent on first degree or light cases, but will return in half an hour or so on second degree in which case it should be reflexed again. Unless the burn borders close on to third degree there will be little if any blistering. Third degree or blistered require several reflexes, and perhaps tannic acid or other treatment and eliminative measures. A relieved sunburn will reburn if exposed to the sun.
PNEUMONIA: Has been broken up by continued reflexing along sternum and the sore intercostal muscle. One case was in hospital under oxygen tent.
SHOCK, ETC.: The two points on back of skull can be used for general treatments as in shock, etc. Here you feel a pulse under your finger after you get to the scalp. Both sides can be used by arching the palm with tips of fingers on one side and base of palm on the other if you are working under a supine head. It will respond from either side.
GENERAL COMMENTS: Our first real introduction to this peculiar aptitude of the human body to respond to reflex control of pain was when a certain doctor from the Old Country came to our office looking for work while waiting for a chance to take the state board and secure a local license. As an inducement to us this doctor demonstrated the PLUMB LINE METHOD of pain control. And, indeed, it gave some remarkable results in cases too tender to accept more drastic manipulative treatments.
As I watched the progress of this procedure I noticed several facts had in common with each case. This set me to searching out a reason for the results. Soon I was applying the basic principle of the so-called PLUMB LINE treatment to a short cut application of pressure to a more stable point of contact and getting results quite as remarkable, if not more so, than was this doctor. For instead of using the plumb line I discovered that when a person had soreness and pain in the muscles and tissues of one side of the body regardless of its location, I could influence that pain and soreness by making a mild contact with the tip of a finger at a point about two-thirds of the way out along the crease from the crotch to the outer edge of the hips. The exact point I located with relative ease by starting on some minor pain spot and with my finger searching along the crease while I rubbed the pain spot mildly twice before moving the finger along. When the person reported a lessening of the pain to the second rub I knew I was either on or almost on the exact spot. If the tenderness under my rubbing finger completely left, I knew I was on the spot. If it did not completely leave I continued to move slightly one way or the other until I found the EXACT spot. This I maintained with only a very slight pressure.
WHAT I ACCOMPLISHED: One man whom I had treated for years with successful results, except for one painful spinal lesion inflicted many years before by an angry bull, it outstanding. This painful spot seemed to melt like butter under my palpating fingers when Once I found his basic reflex point down below his opposite hip. Every vestige of pain left, nor did it return. It is still FREE!
One girl come in for relief. Her entire spine was ankylosed and she was suffering acute pains along her entire right side. When asked to lie prone she protested inability. One her back I used a Swedish movement to loosen her hip to turn face down. This accomplished I found her reflex point at the juncture of thigh with hip on the left side. When I found it I began at the base of her skull on the right side and rubbed the sore spots. The first rubbing hurt; the second had reduced greatly; the third rubbing ten seconds later was FREE of pain. Then I moved down. At each sore spot along the spine I rubbed while still holding my finger on the spot of reflex. Soon I had all the soreness gone from the right side of the body. Then I moved my hand down to her heel and started up her right limb. Soon it was free. Then I let her up. Frankly, never in my entire experience have I seen a person so delighted. Her pains were completely gone. "I NEVER would have believed it! I never would have believed it!" was all she could say from surprise and joy.
But do not try to use these reflex systems on so-called LUMBAGO . . . which is nothing more than neuritis of the spinal cord. That is one pain which I am still searching for some effective system that will give reliable relief. I can give relief by manipulative treatments . . . in time, but that is all.

Professional Secrets for Doctors And Laymen, 1958, Emerson B. Hartman, Associate in Bacteriological Cancer Research

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