History Of Bio-Spectrum Inventions
Simon Tian

Bio-Spectrum is a concept, which represents the Broad Energy Spectrum that any living organism emits. Different living things have different Bio-Spectrums, different people have different Bio-Spectrums. Even the same person has different Bio-Spectrums, according their age and health status. A Kirilian camera can visualize this energy by different colors and brightness.

A human being is a natural radiator of a broad and complex Electronic Wavelength which, while falling mainly in the Infrared Range, also has Short Wave components, Long Wave components and even a very small amount in the Microwave Range etc. Back in 1950, a few Chinese medical researchers published their research of the Bio-Spectrum and identified them as the vital energy of the human being. They speculated that by reinforcing this energy, the Human Being could greatly improve health and self-curative functions.

The difficulty was how to find such a radiator, which could simulate the Bio-Spectrum of the Human Body, a very complex and comprehensive Energy Force and Wavelength. They tried many ways, but they failed in ALL of their attempts!

In 1978, Dr. Gou Wenben, (died in 1980s), the director of Chongqing Silicon Research Institute of China, found a way to use a Heating Device and a very special formula of 33 Minerals. He made the formula for a Mineral Plate, which under heat would emit a broad Bio-Spectrum. He called the device the TDP Lamp V1.0 (TDP stands for Bio-Spectrum in Chinese). In research studies and clinic applications in China with over 1,000,000 people, the TDP Lamp proved itself to have good results for over 100 ailments, including arthritis, injury, spasm, pains etc. He won several gold medals for his invention nationally and internationally!

After Dr. Wenben died, his fellow researchers carried on his work. They made a few improvements, such as adding MORE Minerals to the Plate and TDP Lamp V2.0, and V3.0 came out 1n 1980s.

In 1987, Dr. Lin Zhou greatly improved the formula by making two mineral bars comprising the main two broad wavelengths of the human Bio-Spectrum. He called the new device the Lin Zhou Bio-Spectrum Apparatus. His improvements gave the TDP Lamp more curative functions for internal medical ailments. He tried to use his Lamp to treat AIDS and Cancer patients and got relatively positive results.

In 1996, Dr. Jerry Wang invented a device, that had five mineral bars, based on a thorough study of the Energy that the Human Body, which emits the properties of Minerals. He called his invention the MF Lamp, (MF Stands for Multi-Frequency to distinguish it from the TDP Lamp and the Lin Zhou Bio-Spectrum Apparatus). This device, based on the success of it's two ancestors, has much BETTER results and can be used for almost ALL chronic ailments.

Most Acupuncture and Oriental Medical Professionals are using the TDP Lamp V1.0. Some of them are using V3.0, the Lin Zhou Bio-Spectrum Lamp or the MF Lamp to treat patients. Telstar Innovations introduced the TDP Lamp to the United States for the first time in 1993. It was classified by the FDA as an Infrared Device and was given a CPT code to bill Insurance (it had to fit into a class of existing devices by FDA regulations). Acupuncturists and OMDs usually do not tell other people of their top-secret weapon in order to keep their professional advantages.