Immune System Herbs -
Formulae and Therapeutic Action

Echinacea Plus Tincture By Dr. Richard Schulze

Therapeutic Action: Echinacea Root is one of the STRONGEST Immune Stimulators and Enhancers known! It will INCREASE the amount of T-cells and Macrophages in your bloodstream; it can DOUBLE and TRIPLE them in just a few days! It also INCREASES the amount of Interferon, Interleukin, Immunoglobulin and other IMPORTANT Natural Immune Chemicals present in your Blood! This is how Echinacea works, by BOOSTING the number of your Immune Cells and amounts of Natural Chemicals and then stimulating them into MORE activity and action. The benefit of Immune Stimulation is a shorter duration of existing Colds and Flu and/or prevention of FUTURE Infections. It also initiates and speeds up RECOVERY from chronic and long-term Immune Depression Illnesses, Diseases and Degeneration.

Formula: FRESH Echinacea Augustifolia Root, Echinacea Purpurea Seed, FRESH Garlic Bulb, Siberian Ginseng Root and Habanero Peppers.

1. Take 7 parts - FRESH Echinacea Augustifolia Root, 7 parts - Echinacea Purpurea Seed, 1 part - FRESH chopped Garlic, 1 part - Pau D'Arco Inner Bark, 1 part - Siberian Ginseng Root and 1 part - Habanero Peppers.
2. Make a Tincture, using the Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method (see above).
3. Take 2 Droppersful, 3-6 times per Day for 2 weeks for SERIOUS Immune System Problems.
4. REST 1 Week.
5. REPEAT Steps 3 & 4.
NOTE: Part EQUALS Volume, NOT Weight in this Tincture Method. Use a Blender to chop up each of the Ingredients VERY FINE!

Dosage: Method #1, (General Immune BOOST) use 2 dropperfuls (70 drops) 6 times a day for 6 days, consume one entire 2 oz. bottle. Do this for one or two weeks, or

Method #2, (Cold or Flu) use 1 dropperful (35 drops) EVERY hour you are AWAKE consuming fluid ounce a day for 4 days, or

Method #3, (Serious Illness, Infection, Toxic Bite) use 2 dropperfuls (70 drops) EVERY hour you are AWAKE consuming 1 fluid ounce a day for 2 days

CAYENNE is the BEST HERB to STIMULATE circulation and makes these already POWERFUL Immune Herbs MANY TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE!
GARLIC is the BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic, Antiviral, Antifungal and Antiparasitic Herb known!!
ECHINACEA and GARLIC are the Herbal Dynamic Duo!

Super Tonic Formula by Dr. Schulze

Therapeutic Action: This may be the FAMOUS Plague formula! My patients swore it was the CURE for the Common Cold and they were right!

The Basic Formula goes back to Medieval Europe and the Plagues. It is a Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic, destroying Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria, a POTENT Antiviral and Antifungal! It will INCREASE Blood Circulation to EVERY Cell, and KILL ALL of the BAD Guys!

Formulas: FRESH ORGANIC JUICES of Horseradish Root, Garlic bulb, Onion Bulb, Ginger Root and Habanero Cayenne Peppers in a base of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.

Dosage: 2-10 dropperfuls (70-350 drops) gargle and swallow. Use 1 to 5 times daily as needed.

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