Dr. Richard Schulze
Lobelia was an IMPORTANT HEALING Plant in American history, being SUCCESSFULLY used by Samuel Thompson, one of the GREAT 18th Century Herbalists and other Herbalists, including Dr. John Christopher! Lobelia is the ONLY Herb, that Dr. Christopher had devoted an ENTIRE Chapter in his Herbal Book, "The School Of Natural Healing"! Eventhough in the U.S., the FDA is currently cautioning us on using Lobelia, in Europe, it is an IMPORTANT Over-The-Counter Drug sold in MANY Modern Drug Stores there.
Alkaloids are one of the MOST POWERFUL of ALL Plant Chemicals! NOT ALL Plants have them and some, that do, ONLY have a FEW, but Lobelia ranks VERY HIGH, having 14 DIFFERENT Alkaloids! And ONLY Opium is HIGHER, having 16 Alkaloids! I am explaining this, so that you will UNDERSTAND that eventhough we don't know VERY MUCH about Lobelia in this country, it has a History as a POWERFUL Healing Plant, having also been used SUCCESSFULLY by the Native Americans!
Lobelia is one of the MOST POWERFUL and VERSATILE herbs, that I know! In my Clinic, I learned to RELY on this Herb MORE than ANY other! I learned in the first few years of my Practice, that "When in DOUBT, TRY Lobelia!"

Lobelia Seed Pod Tincture
Therapeutic Action: It has 2 MAIN uses, 1st as an Anti-Spasmodic and 2nd as a Bronchial Dilator and Expectorant. As an Anti-Spasmodic, it is 2nd to NONE, and will RELAX the ENTIRE Body and Organs. This is why it is the MAIN Ingredient in my Nervine Anti-Spasmodic and also in my Nervine Sedative. It is the GREATEST Herb for Lung PROBLEMS! I have seen it WORK with a 100 DIFFERENT Health Problems!
Formula: Lobelia Seed Pods in 1/2 Organic RAW Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/2 PURE Grain Alcohol (100 Proof Vodka).
Dosage: 5 to 60 drops 3 to 4 times daily. In an EMERGENCY, use 2 to 5 dropperfuls or MORE. An OVERDOSE is NOT dangerous, but causes SLIGHT Sweating and Nausea.
NOTE: Please see Tincture Method. If for ANY reason you can't or don't want to make this LIFE-SAVING Tincture, you can order discounted Herb Pharm Lobelia Extract (1 oz. - tincture) from Lucky Vitamin.

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