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What is Magnetic Health?
Well, my definition would be someone vibrantly alive, making a difference in their world, succeeding where others fail and exhibiting a magnetic personality which attracts successful, vibrant people.
I know you've seen people like that but believe it could ever be you. What if there's a way that you, too can enjoy a magnetic personality? There is. If you want a magnetic personality, you need magnets!
Did you know that since the days of the ancient Egyptians, naturally forming magnets, called lodestones, were used in standard medical treatments of the day. Throughout the centuries, many cultures have recognized their use (even Elizabeth the First of England's personal physician used them) but, until our day, no real scientific evidence existed for it's use.
Today, there are researchers such as William H. Philpott, M.D., George J. Washnis with Richard Z. Hricak, Robert O. Becker, M.D., Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. and Kyoichi Nakagawa of Japan are learning more and more about the effects of magnets on the human body.

North vs. South
The North wins again! Just a few years ago it was believed that there was basically no difference between North and South Pole energy and either side of a magnet was considered useful for any health problem you might encounter. However, research now reveals there is a definite difference between the two opposing forces.
North Pole Energy (also called Negative energy) contains electrons which spin left (counterclockwise) while South Pole Energy (also called Positive Energy) has electrons which spin right. Interestingly, for the body, negative energy's effect is positive and positive energy's effect is sometimes negative. Thus, when you go somewhere to buy a magnet, don't buy a bipole magnet which has both North and South Pole energy on the same side or a horseshoe magnet which does something very similar. Also, realize that different fields of magnetic use have different ways of labeling North or South poles.
Since North and South Pole energy are attracted to each other, it is quite simple to determine which is which. When you wish to identify North Pole, you need either, 1) a compass with its north seeking needle or, 2) suspend a unipole magnet from a string. This works because the earth itself is a huge magnet with both a North Pole and a South Pole. The South pole of the magnet will always face North no matter how many times it spins because it is North seeking. Since like repels like, you can also use a correctly marked North Pole magnet. .

If the earth is a huge magnet, then why would we need extra energy? Can't we get enough from the earth, the natural way? Well, several hundred years ago that was more true than it is today. Scientists have been recording the strength of the earth's magnetic field for over 155 years. In that time, they've noticed that the earth's magnetic field is decreasing at an alarming rate.
Depending on whose study you read, the earth's magnetic field has decreased from 4.0 Gauss 4,000 years ago to around 0.4 Gauss today! Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, Director of Isuzu Hospital in Tokyo, Japan who has been studying biomagnetic energy for more than 20 years, refers to authorites who have demonstrated the earth's magnetic field has diminished 50% over the last 500 years! Could this be a large portion of the increase in cellular degeneration we now see? I believe so.
Dr. Nakagawa agrees with me; he believes that the metal buildings, automobiles, trains, etc are absorbing the earth's magnetic field thereby causing interference and loss of gauss strength. These metal structures not only absorb the magnetic energy, they shield us from this energy. My personal belief is that the underground nuclear testing and the stripping of the earth's resources of oil, coal, etc. are also leaching the earth's energy source.
All of this leads to what Dr. Nakagawa terms: MAGNETIC FIELD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME which includes: stiffness of shoulders, back and neck, chest pains, headache, heaviness of head, dizziness, insomnia, habitual constipations and general lassitude. Often these symptoms disappear when the person is subjected to higher gauss magnetic strength.

Amalgam Dental Fillings
What do your innocent fillings have to do with your health? Well, guess what? They may not be quite so innocent! Dental Amalgam Fillings, a combination of Mercury (a toxic metal) and Silver (a trace mineral) produce a direct flow of current between fillings. This magnetic field can interfere with biological energy in general and brain function in particular. Weakness and ringing in the ears have often gone away with sufficient gauss magnetic strength. If they don't go away, a qualified dentist needs to remove them and replace them with nonmetal fillings. Please see the book Are Your Dental Fillings Poisoning You?

Attacks from All Sides
Add to this the constant bombardment of chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the homes we live in and it's no wonder our bodies can't keep up. Still, there is a force that is in many ways much more dangerous. It's the large amounts of electromagnetic energy emanating from all our wondrous electrical appliances.
This electromagnetic energy is doubly dangerous because it attacks us on two fronts. Number 1 is the fact that true health depends upon a balance between the expansive South and the contractive North. The energy from power lines and appliances is almost exclusively South pole. Since the earth, our most reliable source of North pole balance is weakening, we are unable to cope with this. You've undoubtedly heard about the cases of people, especially children, who are developing cancer, birth defects and heart problems when they live too close to high powered electrical stations.
The second reason this is so dangerous to our health is the frequency of the electromagnetic pulse. The earth produces a frequency of about 7.95 cycles per second while the radio waves and electromagnetic frequencies are 60 cycles per second. This may not sound so bad until you realize that the human brain is normally around 8-12 cycles and, when concentrating rises to a whopping 18-22 cycles. It's no wonder so many people feel as though they are losing their minds! Their wiring is all out of whack.
So, why would one person be able to deal with this bombardment while another crumbles? This can be better understood when you realize that energy is the difference. Energy is the key between fighting off an infection or succumbing to it. Sometimes, even between living and dying. Therefore, it only makes sense to do all you can to increase your energy levels. That's where the magnets come in.

North Pole Negative Energy's Effect On Your Body
According to the BIOMAGNETIC HANDBOOK by Dr. William H. Philpott & Sharon Taplin, North Pole Energy produces the following effects in the body:
1. Provides Oxygen to the Cells: Since the cells are weak magnets containing both a positive and negative charge, the cell assumes the polarity of the magnetic field around it. Thus the counterclockwise spin of North Pole energy pulls oxygen into the cell.
2. Normalizes the Acid/Alkaline Balance: North Pole Negative energy is alkalinizing yet doesn't over-alkalinize with the effect of normalizing the pH. An over-acid system produces allergies, toxic states, sore/stiff muscles, chemical hypersensitivity and many disease states. Insect bites also produce an acid state in the body which often overpowers the immune system.
3. Encourages Deep Sleep: During sleep the polarity of the brain and central nervous system switches to negative magnetic energy. Placing the body and particularly the brain in a negative magnetic field encourages deep sleep by magnetically charging the crystals in the Pineal Gland which respond by producing Melatonin which in turn regulates sleep patterns and even brain response.
4. Builds Immunity: All known microorganisms whether bacterial, viral or fungal and parasites whether tape worms, pin worms, heart worms, etc, are positive magnetic energy driven and therefore can be stunned or retarded by the application of North Pole Negative. They are further damaged by the oxygen now in the cells and the alkaline environment produced by the North Pole Negative energy.
One woman who was unable to work or go out into society because of extreme environmental sensitivity, found that a flexible magnet placed inside a hat on top of her head made it possible for her to go inside a mall for up to 2 hours at a time!
5. Reduces Fluid Retention: Intercellular edema (meaning inside the cells) is reduced when Negative North Pole energy is introduced to it because it helps normalize the action of the Sodium/Potassium Pump and gets the Sodium out of the cell and the Potassium in it. The excess fluid is then carried away by the blood and lymph. Extracellular edema (meaning outside the cells) exists in areas without drainage capacity like your eye, sinuses and joints is helped by putting the North Pole Negative energy to the side of the affected area so the fluid will be drawn away and toward an outlet.
6. Relieves/Stops Pain & Other Symptoms: Since pain is usually a symptom of an imbalance in pH and/or inflammation of the area, pain often simply disappears because there is no longer a need for it.
7. Promotes Mental Acuity & Reasonableness: The North Pole Negative energy also normalizes abnormal electrical firing in the brain and calms an electrically overcharged brain.
8. Aids in Reducing & Dissolving Fatty Deposits: The North Pole Negative energy is alkaline and therefore neutralizes the acid in fatty tissue thereby dissolving the substance. This is done very slowly. Don't expect results overnight.
9. Aids in Reducing Fat & Calcium in the Circulatory System: Along with the aforementioned neutralization of fatty deposits, the increased cellular activity further stimulates movement of the hemogobin in the blood vessels thus decreasing deposits in them.

Are You Ready To Add Magnets To Your Life?
If so, there are many fascinating ways to add magnets to your magnetic personality.
You can use Ace bandages and simpy wrap a magnet or two up with the leg, wrist, whatever. You can also buy special bandages with magnets already sewn in.
You can go to the local hardware store or Radio Shack and buy small ceramic magnets for around 50 cents. They are weak but several of them within an area can be very effective. Just make sure you have a compass or use one of the other methods mentioned to determing North from South. These, along with larger, more powerful magnets purchased from specialty stores, can be taped or wrapped on.
You can use a large ceramic block magnet, I like one 4 " x 6" x 1/2". Since the larger and denser the magnet, the further its reach, you can place that under your pillow, sit on it or put it over whatever area hurts. It's extremely portable & effective. I know of two people with head injuries (one was kicked by a horse) who noticed faster healing with an immediate decrease in pain that they both attributed to their block magnet.
Another great way to use the larger block magnet is to simply put a glass of water over it for 5 minutes or more and thereby have North Pole Negative magnetic energy to drink. (Several small magnets could be glued or taped to the outside of the glass.) Some people swear by this for increased resistance to infection even after exposure.
My favorite way to go magnets is with a bed since it enhances restful sleep and there's nothing to tape, wrap or carry. As they say, "no muss, no fuss". I know I wake feeling more prepared to face my day.
There are flexible magnets which can bend to fit a certain area although their strength is considerably less. There are also magnetic seat cushions, magnetic pet cushions and even magnetic jewelry so that you have total freedom to choose your favorite path to a magnetic personality!
Whatever way you choose to enhance your magnetic personality, I'm sure you won't regret it.

Side Effects
There are no known side effects to North Pole Negative energy. If pain seems to increase, it may be drawing the fluid to an area where it cannot drain as well. Moving it just a little over or above usually allows the fluid to drain away and pain to dissipate.
If you are on prescription drugs, it would be wise to have your doctor monitor your condition closely since the magnets increase body energy and thereby stimulate tissue repair. You will probably find you need to decrease your dosage more rapidly than usual.

DO NOT use magnets on the abdomen during PREGNANCY. Magnetism has an effect on the replication of cells and they replicate very quickly in a fetus.
DO NOT use a magnetic bed or magnet(s) on chest with a PACEMAKER or DEFIBILLATOR. A magnet within two inches of these instruments can interrupt their function.
DO NOT use magnetic bed 24 hours a day if you're ill. Adrenal function may be suppressed since North Pole Negative energy calms. Use the bed 8-10 hours per day then get away for a few hours. If pain persists, use spot applications of magnets where needed.
DO NOT use magnetic energy on abdomen for 60-90 minutes following meals in order to allow peristalsis to take place.
DO NOT use positive magnetic energy unless under medical supervision since it can lead to overstimulation of brain activity, microorganisms, etc.
The BIOMAGNETIC HANDBOOK by William H. Philpott, M.D. is highly recommended.

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