Master Formula
The Importance of "Whole, Raw" Foods
The label of Master Formula states "Most foods do not have the balance of nutrients necessary to sustain life. Others are stripped of the life sustaining nutrients and fortified with unnatural additives." It also says that Master Formula is formulated with "whole foods using the newest methods of blending, milling, freeze-drying, and distributing designed to maintain the natural state of whole food nutrition." This is significant in light of the importance that has been placed on the "quality" of food by nutritionists for many decades.

Whole vs. Refined
The food that lands on America's dinner table has usually undergone extensive processing, stripping the original food of much of its nutritional content. Additives are then included, in many cases to attempt to replace the vitamins and minerals lost after the processing. After all of this, even more of the food's inherent nutritional qualities are lost to cooking.

As an example of the "wholeness" that is lost in processing, take a look at the steps involved in preparing common white rice:

  1. Removal of the hull
  2. Removal of bran layer and embryo
  3. Bleaching
  4. Cleaning
  5. Milling
  6. "Pearling" (polishing w/ talc)
  7. Oiling and coating.

The only step that is actually necessary for rice, or any other grain for that matter, to be made edible for humans is the first step, removal of the hull. Even though food manufacturers try to make up for the losses by "enriching" or "fortifying," they can never make up completely for that which was naturally contained in the grain.

Raw vs. Cooked
Nutritionists for years have been touting the importance of including more "raw" foods in the modern diet. Studies have been done for decades on the effect that cooking has on food. The study today referred to as "Pottenger's Cats" has become a landmark case showing the effects of cooked food and raw food on cats. The study lasted 10 years and involved over 900 cats. Cats fed raw meat and raw milk grew up strong and healthy and had normal offspring. Cats fed cooked meat and cooked milk developed many of the problems facing modern man: arthirtis, heart disease, loss of teeth, diarhea, to name just a few. By the third generation in this group, most of the female cats could not reproduce.

Even though cats are not humans, this study shows what can happen when a diet contains exclusively cooked food and when it doesn't. Cooking isn't completely bad, but it does dramatically alter the chemical make-up of the food, and it does not improve the nutritional value of the food. For example, during normal cooking:

These facts should make it clear why consuming foods which are raw and uncooked should be a part of meeting your daily nutritional needs.

A Sampling of Ingredients
Amaranth: Considered by most to be simply a weed, Native Americans cultivated this plant for its leaves and seeds. Amaranth is extremely nutritious, having an amino acid balance much superior to that of other grains. It is high in iron and vitamin C. It is touted to be able to calm and cure ulcers of the digestive tract, and has been used to aid in recuperating from mild stomach and intestinal irritations as well as hemorrhoids.

Chicory: Known mostly as a coffee substitute, this flowery herb is a relative of the common dandelion. It is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium,thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, as well as vitamins A and C. It encourages a healthy liver and urinary system. It is also a mild laxative.

Bioflavonoids: A member of a larger group called polyphenols, bioflavonoids are one of the most popular topics in nutrition today. They occur naturally in conjunction with vitamin C and help protect this vitamin from oxidation which would otherwise render it unusable. In addition to facilitating the absorption of vitamin C, bioflavonoids help combat infectious diseases, especially viral infections, and are known to stimulate certain branches of the immune response.

Testimonials from "A to Z"
Many people have had dramatic changes in their health by using Master Formula. In the last section we showed you what each individual component has been known to do both historically and scientifically. But in this section we bring you the accounts of individuals who tell you in their own words what Master Formula has done for them. This sampling of comments is organized into an alphabetical listing of the areas that presented problems to these people before using the product.

"We live in the country where wildlife is plentiful and allergies are seasonal. In the past few years, my allergies have increased in strength. Since I have been using the Master Formula, at least two times per day, I have very little symptoms, which means I can breathe! This past month I became sick. My joints ached. I began to use the Master Formula three times per day plus I took the capsules before bedtime. Within three days my body aches lessened. Because of my lack of appetite, I used juice to make my shakes. Master formula increased my stamina and endurance."
-MA, Sand Springs, OK

Cold Sores
"My husband used to get cold sores that took up his entire upper lip and into his nose. At times they were so painful that he was forced to grow a mustache because he couldn't shave. Since he has been on Master formula, he has had one eruption that was gone in less than one day."
-JF, Spokane, WA

"I am excited about Master Formula. When my husband started taking Master Formula I thought he needed it, because I felt great. After just a few days it made such a remarkable difference in his health that I decided to give it a try. I have noticed an increase in my energy level."
-IJF, Provo, UT

Weak Immune System
"My husband used to get sick every couple of weeks no matter what we did because he had a weak immune system. He had been that way ever since he was a child, and he would get every little bug that came around (with children in the house, there was always a bug floating around). His job is very stressful, but with Master Formula, he has the energy to get through the day without getting sick."
-JF, Spokane, WA

General Nutrition
"After making a New Year's resolution to guard my health, I began a morning regimen of vitamins and supplements. Then came Master Formula! It had all the nutrients I was taking, plus more, and it was in its whole food form. After taking it, a skin condition I had began to clear. Others of my family experienced great results. What a find! An answer to prayer!"
-JC, Tulsa, OK

Weight Loss
"I have been using Master Formula for several months now, and I think it is an excellent product. I've had a lot more energy and stamina. I've lost 12 pounds since I began using it, and I'm not even dieting!"
-JP, Tulsa, OK

Revised 7/28/13