by Ed McCabe

This Book tells how Oxidative Therapies, such as using Hydrogen Peroxide can combat numerous diseases, such as AIDS, Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, etc. It includes references to medical studies, case histories, products and sources.
NATURE'S OXYGEN, the one thing we canít live without. Not for long anyway. The less of it we have in our body cells, the worse our health becomes. We can die slowly or quickly from lack of it.
SEDENTARY LIFESTYLES, poor food, lack of exercise, and shallow breathing of polluted air are contributing factors that have created a chronic low oxygen condition in our cells.
OUR METABOLISM is a process of burning food for energy. If attempted in a low oxygen environment, itís like trying to burn wet wood, where something is always left over. Our cells accumulate unburnt, or unoxidized, waste products that plug up the works, and create fertile, swamp like, breeding grounds for harmful viruses and microbes.
HEREíS THE KEY. These viruses and microbes (like in flu, colds, AIDS, arterial plaque & cancer cells), live best in low oxygen environments. They are anerobic. That means, raise the oxygen level around them, and they die! Supply the cell environment with enough of natureís oxygen and it finally burns up the waste products! Simple. Too simple? Apparently, since there have been over 4000 articles in the available medical literature, in the past 40 years, referring to the action of oxygen products on pathogens. And, unlike some current disease treatments, when administered at the proper levels, and in the proper way, there have been very few side effects or toxicity reported, other than temporary cleansing reactions. Many alternative health treatments owe their effectiveness to oxygenation. Nature has provided use with a simple energy transport, cleansing, and repair system.

  • Current popular methods of increasing cellular oxygenation.
  • Formulas, patents, and ongoing lab scientific & medical studies.
  • Anecdotal & Medical case histories of former AIDS and other degenerative disease victims, who where treated with oxygenation methods by health professionals, and are now back at work, and viral free.
  • Contacts: Names, addresses, methods, and the current status of groups, products, and companies all over the world, who are currently involved with many different types of oxygenation therapies.