pH & pH Tests

pH means "potential Hydrogen" and represents a Scale for the relative Acidity or Alkalinity of a Solution. Acidity is measured as a pH of 0.1 to 6.9 and Alkalinity is 7.1 to 14, and neutral pH is 7.0 (Distilled Water). The numbers refer to how many Hydrogen atoms are present compared to an IDEAL or Standard Solution. Acids release Hydrogen Ions, while Alkalies accept them; the TOTAL number of these Hydrogen Ions is the basis of pH. NORMAL Blood is slightly Alkaline at 7.35 to 7.45, while Urine & Saliva pH can range from 4.8 to 7.5, but NORMAL is CLOSE to 6.4.

SALIVA Test - Part 1: It should be done the FIRST thing in the Morning before any Food/Drink even Water and you should record each Result!

6.0 or below: This indicates that you may be SERIOUSLY DEPLETED of Electrolyte Minerals, and that there could be potential PROBLEMS associated with exercising or fasting. You must REPLENISH your Alkaline Reserves, before doing ANY cleansing. Also do NOT exercise STRENUOUSLY!

6.2 - 6.3: This indicates DEPLETION. It may NOT be SERIOUS, but Electrolytes are LOW!

6.3 - 6.5: You PASSED!

7.1+: Something could have INTERFERED with the reading, such as STRESS or EXCITEMENT, so you should test AGAIN. If you get the SAME result, then it could be Stress, Drug Reactions, Emotions, Infections or Parasites. Continue with the Lemon and Urine Test.

SALIVA Test - Part 2: NO food should be eaten for at least 2 hours before testing or do this test right after Saliva Test. Squeeze 1 Lemon in 2 oz. of Water. Swish in your Mouth and swallow. Then WAIT 60 seconds and do the Saliva Test. REPEAT 6 times (EVERY 60 seconds). Record each Result!

7.5+: You PASSED! This indicates that your Liver has ENOUGH Alkaline Reserves AVAILABLE, which is a POSITIVE Health Indicator.

7.0 - 7.4: This indicates that you have some RESERVE of Alkaline Minerals, but NOT as MUCH as NEEDED. Work on INCREASING your Electrolyte Reserves (Trace Minerals Research - Trace Mineral Drops).

6.9 or below: This indicates a possible SERIOUS Condition. Electrolyte Reserves are very LOW and the Liver and Digestion are affected.

3) URINE Test - Part 1: To COMPLETE this Test , you'll NEED to DEVOTE 1 day to eating ONLY Vegetables and their Juices. The NEXT Morning dip the pH Strip into your first Morning Urine midstream. Take NO supplements especially Acid-forming ones like Vitamin C, etc. If you can NOT do this, then SKIP this Test and do Test No. 4, which is also the Urine Test, but after Acid-forming Foods.

7.0+: You PASSED! GOOD supply of Electrolytes, if you have 7.0 or above, AFTER eating ONLY Vegetables the day BEFORE! Your body is ELIMINATING the EXCESS Electrolytes (Alkaline) through the Urine.

6.5 - 6.9: Indicates some DEPLETION, although NOT SERIOUS one. Your Body is storing some Electrolytes, but is releasing some as well. REPLENISH your Electrolytes FULLY, BEFORE cleansing/fasting.

6.5 or below: DEPLETION is MORE SERIOUS. Focus on REPLENISHING yourElectrolyte Reserves by eating a diet RICH in Alkaline-forming Foods.

5.6 or below. Your body is VERY DEPLETED and has NO Electrolyte Reserves.

4) URINE Test - Part 2: Eat ONLY Acid-forming foods for 1 day. The next morning dip the pH strip in your first Morning Urine midstream.

6.8+: Body has NO Alkaline Minerals to draw upon. The Kidneys are FORCED to excrete Ammonia into the Urine. This occurs ONLY after a EXTREMELY Acid condition with NO Electrolyte Reserves. The Body uses Ammonia to compensate for this EXTREME Acid accumulation. This is a stage of Alkalosis, which is caused by TOO MUCH Acid in the System. This Condition is SERIOUS and the Odor of Ammonia might be noticeable in the Urine. This means the Body is UNABLE to handle Acids EFFECTIVELY and the Liver and Kidneys are operating in EMERGENCY Mode. Take ACTION! NO STRENUOUS Exercise and NO cleansing/fasting. Resolve emotional stress. Gradually INCREASE Alkaline-forming Foods and DECREASE Acid-forming Foods. Walking is BENEFICIAL, but do NOT run or exercise, until the Saliva reading is above 6.1!

6.1 - 6.7: SERIOUS DEPLETION, but NOT DANGEROUS! Eat MORE Alkaline-forming Foods (i.e. - Figs).

5.7 - 6.0: Alkaline Reserves are AVAILABLE, but could be BETTER.

5.6 or below: GOOD supply of Minerals. GOOD HEALTH!

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Revised 6/18/11