Now available in these 4 flavors:  Blueberry, Carob, Cherry, & Raspberry!

      Sweet PulseTM  IS NOT GRANOLA. Granola is primarily a grain mix composed mostly of sugar sweetened oats. You won't find the grain mix contained in Sweet PulseTM  in any granola. Quinoa and Amaranth are about $2.00 a pound at any health food store and the nutrition these grains possess is beyond compare. Flax seed...blah, blah, blah...Sweet PulseTM  contains raisins, prunes, dates and raspberries, all AIR OR SUN-DRIED and ORGANICALLY GROWN.

      Granola may have a few cashews or other nuts for flavor, but Sweet PulseTM  contains a nut base of 5 different nuts for a very specific purpose... to nourish your BRAIN and nervous system.

      Sweet PulseTM  IS NOT A TRAIL MIX. Trail mix, if it is any fruit at all, has a sparse portion of raisins. All the fruits, both in the Granola and in the Trail Mix, are kiln-dried by temperatures high enough to destroy the vitamins and enzyme content. Additionally, these fruits are preserved with sulfur dioxide.

Ingredients:  Dates, oats, raisins, prunes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, filberts, figs, amaranth, (dried raspberries, cherries, blueberries or carob), beet powder, buckwheat, flax seed, quinoa, barley, einkorn, brown rice, millet, grapeseed oil, and walnut oil. NO MAN-MADE CHEMICALS HAVE BEEN UTILIZED IN THEIR GROWTH OR PRODUCTION OF THESE INGREDIENTS.

RDA Based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet
The following is a partial list of known nutrients found in Sweet Pulse
Vitamin A            100%            Calcium            100%
Vitamin C            100%            Iron                   100%
Vitamin B6          100%            Sulfur                150%
Vitamin B12        300%            Magnesium       100%
Vitamin E             225%           Riboflavin         100%
Pantothenic Acid 100%            Potassium         100%
Protein 26 grams (52%)           Folic Acid          75%
Vitamin K            100%            Phosphorous     100%
Sodium                  0%                Niacin                80%
Vitamin D             100%            Zinc                    100%
*Two ounces provides 225 nutritionally-packed calories

Directions for use:  This product is pure and powerful. A diet change of any kind too drastically undertaken may induce the body to detoxification. A process that is extremely desirable is gradual staging to eliminate from the body the daily pollutants and over-processed, over-consumed, nutrition-deficient foodstuffs. Drink at least a gallon of pure, fresh water daily in addition to eating Sweet PulseTM.

FIRST PURPOSE:  Olympic Brain-a-Thon
      Sweet PulseTM  shines like a pulsar star for enhanced mental performance, providing the needed brain chemistry for challenges such as research projects, studying, preparing for examinations, meditation, brain-storming sessions, conceptual design, envisioning and all intense, focused mental activity. We suggest 2-4 ounces of Sweet PulseTM  to supplement the diet daily. This is analogous to the "loading" on high carbohydrate foodstuffs such as pasta that athletes consume several days prior to their competitive events. Sweet PulseTM prepares the brain for it's "event" with a full range of vitamins including Vitamin A, B-Complex, Vitamin C, E and K, plus a rich supply of calcium and 22 amino acids providing a complete protein complex, lecithin, selenium, non-metallic minerals and trace minerals.

      When the fabric of your life is unraveling, your nerves are frayed at the edges, we suggest the following to pull the threads of your life back together into a colorful, tightly woven tapestry portraying your true self, possessing an optimistic outlook, balanced emotive energies, boundless mental capacity and physical stamina to do whatever it takes to realize your dreams: At the minimum, enjoy 2-4 oz. of Sweet Pulse
TM daily. Additionally, restrict your diet to FRESH fruits and lightly steamed vegetables (naturally the less cooking, the less nutritional value destroyed by the cooking process), and at least 1 gallon of pure, fresh water, daily.
      This diet will assist in correcting Attention Deficit Disorder ("ADD"), hyperactivity, fatigue, and other neurological disorders.

THIRD PURPOSE:  Ten-Day Flab Lab
      For optimal weight reduction, we suggest a diet composed strictly of Sweet Pulse
TM and abundant quantities of pure water, to exceed 1 gallon, for 10 days. There can be no purer, no more natural diet for weight reduction and for de-toxing the body and mind. 1 ounce eaten 8-10 times per day will still provide you with the energy to make a late night of it after a minimum, brisk 1 mile walk to keep your body's metabolic rate high. The more you incline towards physical activity, the more drastic the weight reduction, Just be sure not to overdo it. Set a pace you can live with the rest of your abundant life. After 10 days, gradually add fresh fruits and steamed vegetables. Your energy will increase 10-fold with a daily, ENJOYABLE workout routine. How simple.. nutritious, delicious and EFFECTIVE.

See Daniel 1:3-20!