The Reams Urine/Saliva Test

The Reams Urine/Saliva Test measures a Person's Body Chemistry (Sugar 1.5, pH 6.4/6.4, Salt 6 to 7, Albumen .04M, Urea 3/3). This test yields the PROPER Information to analyze mathematically the Body Chemistry. It makes it possible to detect, with REMARKABLE accuracy, the locations and the severity of most physical maladies. Based on this Analysis, he was able to prepare a SPECIFIC, individualized Diet designed to promote EXCELLENT Health.

How is Energy created from the food we eat? As explained in the Biological Theory of Ionization, the process of Ionization is the LAW OF PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER AND TAKING THEM APART, ION BY ION. An Anion is an ion with a negative charge and a Cation is an ion with a positive charge. The Electrons in the outer orbit of an Anion move in a DIFFERENT manner from the Electrons in the outer orbit of a Cation. In the Human Body, the clash of Anionic and Cationic Foods gives off Energy; that is, the resistance between these orbiting Anions and Cations in the Human Body actually creates the NECESSARY Energy for GOOD Health.

After years of testing hundreds of Foods, it was found that most Foods are Cationic. FRESH Lemons and Liver Bile is Anionic. The Minerals Calcium, Potassium, and Chlorine are also Anionic. The pH is the measure of Resistance between Cations and Anions in the Body. If the pH reading is 6.4/6.4 for Urine and Saliva, a person is getting MAXIMUM Energy from the Food, that he/she is eating. If the number is either HIGHER or LOWER, than is desired (over a LONG period of time), then too much Energy is being LOST, and ILLNESS begins!

Degenerative Diseases are caused by a Mineral Deficiency in the Cell Structure of the affected Organ or Gland and the LOSS of RESERVE Energy results. If, for example, the Liver is DEFICIENT in Calcium, it might produce ONLY 50% of the Anionic Bile needed in the Body, thereby throwing off the pH Balance. If one is DEFICIENT in Potassium in the Brain, or Manganese in the Reproductive Organs, or Copper, Iron, or Zinc in the Colon, the Cells can NOT produce the NORMAL amount of Energy and will DIE prematurely! These DYING CELLS are called CARCINOMA, and the DEAD CELLS we call CANCER! Fungus and Bacteria often INVADE these Areas. Then, like a ROTTEN Apple in a barrel of GOOD Apples, the nearby HEALTHY Cells are affected. DECAYED Flesh is the COMPLETE LOSS of RESERVE Energy!

Urea is the undigested protein in the Body. If it registers HIGHER than 313 or a total of 6, there is too MUCH Urea in the Blood. This condition occurs, because the Heart has been beating TOO HARD, NOT TOO FAST! One Warning Sign is being fatigued, when you awake in the morning after a NORMAL amount of Sleep and Rest. Another sign is DEEP Wrinkles in the Forehead. High Urea can be caused from drinking Water in areas where too MUCH Nitrogen Fertilizer is used, such as the Plains of the Midwest or drinking too LITTLE Water! One should drink half of his/her Body Weight in ounces of Water each day. If a Person weighs 100 pounds. For instance, he or she should drink at least 50 ounces of Water daily. Urea numbers can also test HIGH from eating the Biblical "Unclean Foods", such as Pork, Rabbit and Mollusks. These Foods digest in about 3 hours and cause MORE Energy to be released, than the body can handle! This consumption leads to TOO MUCH Urea (WASTE Protein), being dumped into the Bloodstream, thus overloading the Kidneys. The Heart becomes OVERSTIMULATED and OVERWORKED as these "Unclean Foods" DAMAGE the Body! It can be compared to putting Airplane Fuel in a Model-T Ford. The High-Test Gasoline will BURN-OUT the Pistons and Valves. MANY Children, who complain of tummy-aches and who are TOO tired to get up in the morning have an EXTREMELY HIGH Urea count and HIGH Urea can also be the cause of DEATH in ACTIVE Athletes!

A Person, who retains TOO MUCH Salt can develop Angina. Some people can handle MORE Salt than others. Some may carefully AVOID Salt and still have a HIGH count, because the Liver is NOT functioning properly. As a result, TOO MANY Salts are being stored in the Muscles and Fatty Tissues of the Body. Salt substitutes are NOT BETTER, than Table Salt, because ALL Salts cause the Blood Vessels to DILATE! If the Body retains TOO MUCH Salt over a LONG period of time, the Veins and Arteries LOSE their flexibility, leading to HARDENING of the Arteries!

Normally, the Heart starts the Blood pumping, Then the Blood is actually squeezed and pushed along by the rhythmic expansion and contraction of the Muscles in the walls of the Arteries and Veins. But, when the Blood Vessels LOSE their elasticity, the Body starts manufacturing and lining the Arteries with Cholesterol. This action is an attempt to NARROW the opening, so that the Blood will squirt through FASTER and move through the Arteries and Veins back to the heart.

It is the HIGH Salts, NOT the Cholesterol, that is the cause of Angina! However, the buildup of Cholesterol is DANGEROUS because, if a piece tears loose, it can plug the Heart and cause Spasms as the Heart tries to pump the piece through and sometimes a Vein or an Artery actually BURSTS! If the Salt shows 30 on the Test, a Person may be in DANGER of a Heart Condition. Signs, that the Salt is TOO HIGH in the Body are BURSTING Blood Vessels and Varicose Veins.

NO Instrument is needed to measure Albumen (.04M), the solid particies in the Urine. If you hold a bottle of Urine up to the Light and observe a CLOUDY Mass that swirls around, or if there seems to be Particles throughout the Urine, this means that your Body is TOXIC and in NEED of cleansing! These are Carcinoma cells. The 4M means 4 Million Particles per Liter and the NORMAL Albumen count should be ONLY 40,000 per liter per 100 pounds of Body Weight. The Urine should be CLEAR Yellow with a FEW visible Particles that can be easily seen. If the Urine has FOAM, it is an Indication that TOO LITTLE Water is being consumed each day.

The Sugar test measures Sugar and ALL of the Carbohydrates in the Body. Many people, who are thought to be Epileptic are actually experiencing LOW Blood Sugar, which can cause the Seizures! They can QUICKLY be brought to by putting Honey on the Tongue. LOW Blood Sugar is caused by the Pancreas manufacturing TOO MUCH Insulin. Some Carbohydrates cause the Pancreas to FLUSH out Insulin but, when REMOVED from the Diet, the LOW Blood Sugar Level is CORRECTED! The same is TRUE for High Blood Sugar Conditions. When the Body Chemistry is PROPERLY BALANCED, ALL of the numbers in the Equation are ALIGNED!

Body Chemistry can be CORRECTED. The drinking of PURE Steam-Distilled Water picks up Salts and Urea and washes them OUT of the Bbody. It also REMOVES other TOXINS, which have collected in the WEAKEST parts of the Body and are causing PAIN in the Joints and Muscles. FRESH Lemon Juice BUILDS-UP the Liver. Liver Bile in it's PUREST state is a form of diluted Hydrochloric Acid, so that FRESH Lemon Juice is Nature's own diluted Hydrochloric Acid. The Liver can convert it into an ASTONISHING number of different Enzymes and Vitamins. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to build up the Liver, as ALL Diseases begin in the BREAKDOWN of that Organ.

Everyone NEEDS to eat RAW Fruits and Vegetables daily. The Juices of the Green Vegetables BUILD-UP the Pancreas. Asparagus and Celery are GOOD for the Heart, because they contain a NATURAL Arsenic, which STRENGTHENS the Heart. Eating a wide variety of Vegetables and Fruits supplies the MOST Minerals. Alcohol, Oriental Black Tea, Cocoa, Refined White Sugar and White Flour Products DEPLETE the Minerals in the Body and cause a LOSS of RESERVE Energy. LACK of PROPER Rest also ROBS the Body of Nutrients. The Emotional State of a Person, such as the harboring of HATE, Anger or Resentment, can likewise cause changes in the Body Chemistry and LOWER one's Immunity!

The Biological Theory of Ionization WORKS! Dr. Reams, who held a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Biochemistry, used his Procedure to obtain a Biochemical Profile for each Client. After obtaining SPECIFIC Readings for an Individual, Dr. Reams could then develop a SPECIFIC Program to RESTORE that Person's Biochemical BALANCE! His Program Included the following:

  • Body Detoxification and Purification Procedure.
  • Body Biochemical Balancing, using Herbs, Minerals, and Supplements.
  • Simple Exercises for Lymphatic Function.
  • Special Foods for Cellular Regeneration and Maintenance.

When his Program was followed UNIFORMLY, an Individual could expect to see POSITIVE Results!

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