Red Clover

The Blossoms from this CURATIVE Plant have been used as a Tonic for GOOD Health and PEACE of Mind for Centuries. It is a GREAT Blood Purfier and Immune System ENHANCER! MANY Alternative Therapies for Cancer and Tumors, include this REMARKABLE Plant. Modern research has concluded that Red Clover has ANTI-CANCER Properties. Possible benefits include: GOOD for Skin Inflammations, soothing to Bronchial Passages, calms Coughs, clears Chest of Phlegm; relaxes the Body, helps FIGHT AGAINST Cancerous and ABNORMAL Growths such as moles, warts, skin tags and/or cysts, plus IMPROVES OVERALL Health! It also suppresses the Appetite naturally, while giving the Body a NEEDED LIFT!

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Revised 3/28/12