Tom Harrelson

If you take an Herb and/or a Supplement and find that it either doesn't work for you or if it does work, it works in REVERSE, then you are most likely in REVERSE Polarity. The following two tests should be able to prove whether or not you're in REVERSE Polarity.

1. Expel a dropperful of Valerian Root (Herbal Nervine) Extract/Tincture onto your Tongue. If your nervous system becomes EXCITED within 5-10 minutes, rather than being CALMED-DOWN, then your Nervous System is most likely in REVERSE Polarity.
NOTE: Cats and rats like Valerian Root and Catnip, because these herbs EXCITE their Nervous System, whereas these herbs usually CALM-DOWN humans' nervous system.

2. Do the Polarity Reflex Test.

NOTE: Your body may switch intermittently between normal and REVERSE Polarity, and make it somewhat difficult to test the polarity of your Body.

The following three conditions can cause your Atlas (cervical vertebrae 1 - C1) and/or Axis (cervical vertebrae 2 - C2) to become OUT-OF-ALIGNMENT, thus resulting in your nervous system REVERSING it's polarity as a survival mechanism!

1. Excessive exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation can cause your body to tighten muscles in your neck area, thus pushing/pulling your Atlas (cervical vertebrae 1 - C1) and/or Axis (cervical vertebrae 2 - C2) OUT-OF-ALIGNMENT.

2. An injury can also direcly push/pull your Atlas and/or Axis OUT-OF-ALIGNMENT, so that it remains in that position, and especially when there's a deficiency of Electrolyte Minerals (see below), since the healing process will most likely be slowed-down without them.

3. Deficiency of electrolyte minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride salts) can allow nervous stress to become more involved and/or can cause the nerves associated with the muscles in the neck area to become tighter, thus pushing/pulling your Atlas and/or Axis OUT-OF- ALIGNMENT.
NOTE: These electrolyte minerals should be taken internally and should be in a liquid, soluble and even more importantly ionic (electrically-charged) form. I'd highly recommend Ionic Tonic by Trace Minerals Research or South Sea Minerals as a source for these particular electrolyte minerals. They are available at most food coops, health food stores and/or online discount sales cos.. Another excellent source for these electrolyte minerals is Himalyan Crystal Salt.

When you're able to take Valerian Root for the effects of nervous stress, I'd recommend taking Herb Pharm Valerian Root Extract, which is AVAILABLE at MOST Health Food Stores. And even more, I'd highly recommend taking Dr. Richard Schulze's Nerve Formula.

Furthermore, the adjustment of the Atlas and Axis should be done by a competent NUCCA Chiropractor, who has been doing this SPECIAL Technique for 5 or more years. And if you're within a 3 state region of Ohio, I'd highly recommend, coming to Columbus, Ohio and going to the office of Dr. Douglas Paul (Nu-Chiropractic, Inc.).

Revised 9/18/12