Sinus Formula (Herbal Snuff)
By Dr. Richard Schulze

1. Take 7 tbls. - Goldenseal Root Powder, 7 tbls. - Bayberry (NOT Barberry) Bark Powder, 1 tsp. - Garlic Bulb Powder & 1 tsp. - Cayenne Pepper Powder (90,000 + Heat Units).
2. Mix these powdered ingredients together.
3. Put a little in the hand and breathe it up your nose.
NOTE: You should sniff REALLY DEEP and LONG, NOT do a QUICK Sniff , to allow the Herbs to go DEEP into the Sinus Cavity, so that they are REALLY EFFECTIVE. You should use a Straw, if you NEED to and be FOREWARNED, this Herbal Formula is INTENSE!

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Revised 11/22/09