Skin Infection Formulas

Anti-Infection Formula

Therapeutic Action: In 20 years of use, I have NEVER seen ANY Infection occur, when using this POWERFUL Formula! It's EXCELLENT for treating ANY Cut or Wound and is Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal! The Tree Resins in this Formula leave an invisible, protective, Antibacterial coating over the Wound. A few years ago in England, I used this Formula on a man, who had the top of his Knee TORN-OFF in an Automobile Accident! In 24 hours, it literally glued his Knee back together! A Nurse from Ireland on the scene said in ALL of her years in the Hospital, she had NEVER seen such a SEVERE Wound CLOSE right-up and heal, and with NO Infection!

Formula: Fresh Garlic Juice, Goldenseal root, Usnea lichen, Myrrh Gum, Pine Resin, Echinacea Root Juice, Tea Tree Oil, Kelp, Black Walnut Inner Hulls, Oak Galls and Cayenne Pepper in 80% grain alcohol.

Dosage: Generally for external use, but can be used in the Oral Cavity. Soak a Cotton Swab in the Tincture and scrub into the infected area. Let air dry. It has a BURNING Sensation!

Jojoba & 9% Tea Tree Oil

Therapeutic Action: This Formula is soothing and emollient to the Skin and KILLS Bacteria and Fungus on contact! Use this Formula when the regular Anti-Infection Formula would be TOO STRONG or INTENSE, especially on SENSITIVE Areas! This is the PERFECT solution for babies Diaper Rash, minor children's Cuts, or for Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis or ANY general Skin Irritation!

Formula: 10 parts - Organic Jojoba Oil and 1 part - Tea Tree Oil.

Dosage: Apply 1 or more dropperfuls to the skin and rub in.

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Revised 3/19/08