TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  December 1998 Vol. I No. 10
Compiled And Edited By Tom Harrelson (Revised 7/13/08)

NOTE: The "COLD SHEET" Treatment is the MOST EFFECTIVE HYDROTHERAPY Procedure today and the MOST POWERFUL Natural Healing Method in Dr. Schulze's Arsenal! This NATURAL and POWERFUL Healing Method induces an Artificial Fever known as "HYPERTHERMIA" and can be used with Common Health Problems, such as Flus and Colds, and DEFINITELY should be used with MORE SERIOUS Pathogenic Disease Processes, such as Pneumonia, Cancer and AIDS!!

This Hydrotherapy Treatment produces a process in the Body, known as "Leukotaxis", DOUBLING the SPEED of the White Blood Cells for EVERY degree over the NORMAL Temperature of 98.6 F.! So that when the Body has a Temperature of 103 degrees, the White Blood Cells are moving 16 times FASTER!

Be FOREWARNED - the "COLD SHEET" Treatment is SO INTENSE that it can bring out BURIED Emotional TRAUMA, because it's like doing a 30-day Fast in 1/2 Hour!!

Please read and understand this Article COMPLETELY, before doing this POWERFUL HEALING Procedure, thus ensuring SAFE and EFFICACIOUS Results!

STEP ONE: FIRST, you should take a COLD Enema to clear LOOSE Fecal Matter out of your Colon, before you begin this Procedure. You can add Herbs to the Water, such as Catnip or Red Raspberry. A COLD Enema causes the Rectal Area to contract, which HELPS you to RETAIN the Fluid LONGER, before you EXPEL the Herbal Tea and the LOOSE Fecal Matter.

STEP TWO: After expelling the Herbal Tea, the next Step of the "COLD SHEET" Treatment is the "GARLIC INJECTION"! You will need a Rectal Syringe (Enema Tubes get CLOGGED) from the Drug Store to do this Procedure. Put 8-10 LARGE Organic Garlic Cloves in a Blender with 50% Apple Cider Vinegar (preferably Bragg's or Spectrum Naturals) and 50% Distilled Water. Dr. Richard Schulze says it's like NAPALM in your Rectum! Put this Solution in with the Rectal Syringe, but you have to get it in QUICKLY ALL at once, because once you get it in, you will want to EXPEL it right back OUT!

According to Dr. Schulze, "It's POWERFUL and it BURNS and really LIGHTS that Person UP! They will RUN to the Toilet, but it doesn't ALL come out. In about 2 minutes, the Burning and the Cramping go away. It's incredibly GROUNDING! It seems to break ANY Psychological ARMORING, that the Person may have! He/she will know IMMEDIATELY, that this is DEFINITELY something, that they have NEVER had in that Area of the Body BEFORE!"

STEP THREE: Get in a HOT Bath, which is as HOT as you can make it, without HURTING the Flesh! The Water is kept at it's HOTTEST for as LONG as the Patient can stand it! Before you enter the Tub, have your Helper place the following Herbs in the HOT Water, 1 oz. or more of Cayenne Pepper, 1 oz. or more of Ginger, and 1 oz. or more of dry Mustard. Get GOOD HIGH-POTENCY Mustard, since MOST of the American Mustard is quite WEAK! Then coat your Genitals with PLENTY of Vaseline (Editor's Note: VEGELATUM - Vegetable-based Substitute is preferable) for Protection, because Olive Oil ALONE can't do the Job! The Cayenne, Ginger, and Mustard, that you use in the "COLD SHEET" Treatment are NOT LOOSE in the Water, but are put in a VERY LARGE (made-up) Tea Bag.

If you put them in LOOSE, you'll plug up the Drain and create a REAL MESS!. So the BEST way to do it, if you don't have any Cloth, is to just cut a square out of an old T-shirt, put in a LEVEL Handful of about 1 oz. of Cayenne Pepper, 1 oz.of Ginger Root, and 1 oz. of Mustard Seed, preferably powdered, but use ANY form, that you can get them in. Put them into this piece of Square Cloth, tie it up with a piece of String, and just toss that in the VERY HOT Bath and then squeeze it, so that you ACTIVATE it MULTIPLE Times for about 10 minutes before getting into the HOT Bath. The Water will turn a Yellowy Orange, and it'll CHOKE you! The Fumes will CHOKE you somewhat, because there are VOLATILE Oils, that are coming out of the Cayenne. These HOT Herbs, that are now in the Water will HELP to induce an Artificial Fever known as HYPERTHERMIA.

To further ACCELERATE this Artificial Fever Process, drink HOT Herbal Tea, while you are in the Bath. According to Dr.Schulze, "For adults, the BEST bitter Diaphoretic (fever-inducing) Tea is Yarrow, which was what Dr. Christopher suggested."

I prefer Ginger instead, since it is a taste, that I and most People KNOW and LIKE! Ginger really ACTIVATES the Digestive System, makes you SWEAT, and it's also readily AVAILABLE! I'm always looking for the Herbs, that really WORK and are EASY-to-get at your local Health Food Store. Yarrow's GREAT, but what if it's NOT available for whatever Reason and you've got an EMERGENCY Situation? You can ALMOST ALWAYS get Ginger, and if there isn't any FRESH Ginger Root in the Produce Department, then just go to the Spice Section and buy Ginger Powder. In fact, in the Spice Section, you can get the Cayenne, Mustard, and Ginger for the Bath and you can get the Ginger for the Herbal Tea. And if and when you have NO other choice in an EMERGENCY, then you'll have to go to the nearest Grocery Store for these Herbs!
NOTE: Dr. Schulze also uses Peppermint Tea or a combination of Ginger & Peppermint Tea.

You can even get minced, dehydrated Garlic Cloves, if you have NO other choice. Now you've got the Garlic for the Rectal Injection, and everything that you will need for the "COLD SHEET" Treatment, from the Grocery Store. Drink as many Cups of the Herbal Tea as you can get down, but the MINIMUM is 6!

If you get LIGHT-HEADED and you feel like FAINTING, have your Helper place a COLD Towel or Washcloth on your Forehead. Also, there are 2 Herbal Tinctures (Home-Made, American Botanical Pharmacy or Herb Pharm), that you should ALWAYS have on hand: CAYENNE and LOBELIA! CAYENNE PREVENTS People from fainting and LOBELIA STOPS FULL Body Spasms, that can occur SOMETIMES!

When you get to the Point, where you know, that you can't stand it 1 Minute MORE, your Helper should push you for about 5 MORE minutes! By then, you may be in TEARS and MOST People are!

STEP FOUR: Now, your Helper should HELP you out of the Tub, and then wrap you up in the "COLD SHEET"!. This is a Double bed-size, clean, White Cotton Sheet (NOT Synthetic Fabric), that has been soaking in a Bucket of 20 Pounds of ICE, so that this "COLD SHEET" is definitely ICE-COLD! You won't even NOTICE it though, because you're going to be in ANOTHER World! Besides that, this "COLD SHEET" will actually signal the Body to raise it's Temperature even HIGHER! The sides of the Sheet are then pinned, so that you can NOT throw it off. This "COLD SHEET" will now draw-out the POISONS and TOXINS, that have come to your Skin's Surface as a result of the HOT Bath!

STEP FIVE: Now, your Helper should put you into Bed. The Bed has been prepared by putting a Plastic or Rubber Sheet over the Mattress, then a Cotton, Wool, Linen, or Silk Sheet (ANY Material that BREATHES - NO Synthetics) is laid over that. Now, you can lie down, while wrapped in the "COLD SHEET" and another dry, Non-Synthetic Sheet is put over you and then you are covered with Non-Synthetic Blankets.

STEP SIX: Lastly, with your Feet uncovered, your Feet and Ankles are oiled with Olive Oil, a thick Paste of Vaseline [VEGELATUM (vegetable-based substitute) is preferable] is then applied and the Garlic Paste, that you made with Apple Cider Vinegar (preferably Bragg's or Spectrum Naturals) is applied to the Bottoms of your Feet to help get RID of ANY Infections in the System. Use 2-inch gauze or torn, White Cotton Strips as a Bandage to hold the Garlic Paste on the Sole of the Foot. White, Cotton or Wool Socks are placed over the bandaged Feet.

The Feet are RECOVERED with the "COLD SHEET". The bottom of this "COLD SHEET" is pinned, so you will be in a WET Sack. Then the DRY Sheets and Blankets are pulled over your Feet for WARMTH.

If you have to urinate, then just do it where you are, and do NOT take the "COLD SHEET" OFF!! The Urine won't HURT anything, and it's NOT worth being REWRAPPED in the "COLD SHEET" and then having the Garlic Paste REAPPLIED!

STEP SEVEN: You are now left in the Sheets OVERNIGHT and, by the Morning, the Sheets will have turned Multi-Colored from ALL of the POISONS and TOXINS, that have been drawn OUT of the body. Dr. Christopher said that sometimes the Sheets turn ALL Shades of Purple, Yellow, Black and Green. These are the different POISONS and TOXINS, that have been in the Person for Years - sometimes for the Person's WHOLE Life!

STEP EIGHT: In the Morning, you are SPONGED off with 1 Part each of WARM Apple Cider Vinegar (preferably Bragg's or Spectrum Naturals) and Distilled Water to get the remaining POISONS and TOXINS out of the Pores, and then you are put into CLEAN Clothes and sent back to Bed.

NOTE: You should ONLY be given Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Herbal Teas, and lots of Distilled Water to drink and Fruit to eat for 1-3 Days to provide a TOTAL Cleansing.

NOTE: KEEP REPEATING (up to 12 times) this Hydrotherapy Treatment EVERY 1-2 days until the DESIRED Results are achieved.

Children and Elderly People can do a modified WEAKER version of this Hydrotherapy Treatment.

Dr. Schulze says that he NEVER saw a Fever get OUT-Of-Control in or out of the "COLD SHEET" Treatment, just so long as the Person was drinking ENOUGH Liquids (6 cups -Ginger &/or Peppermint Tea), because if that Person DRYS up, it would be like a Radiator in a Car running dry, so then he/she must keep HYDRATED, so that there won't be a PROBLEM!

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