TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  April 1999 Vol. 2 No. 4
NATURAL EMERGENCY THERAPY: Part 4 - Poison Antidotes
Compiled & Edited by Tom Harrelson (Revised 2/7/10)

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Formula: To make an Activated Charcoal Slurry, you must:
1. Add 1 tsp. of Activated Charcoal Powder to an 8 oz. Glass of PURE Water and stir.

NOTE: LOWER the Dosage to 1/2 tsp. or ADD Psyllium Husks, if the Person, who NEEDS HELP, has a tendency to become Constipated. And drink through a Straw, if the grittiness is a PROBLEM.

Formula: To make Activated Charcoal Poultice, you must:
1. Use EQUAL amounts of Activated Charcoal Powder with Flaxseed Meal. Blend in Blender, the amount of Seed NEEDED to make the Meal.
2. Place the 2 Powders in a dry bowl and add Water SLOWLY as you stir, mixing into a Toothpaste consistency.
NOTE: 2 tablespoons of each Powder will take approximately 5 or 6 tablespoons of Water. This amount of Poultice Paste would make a Poultice approximately 6 x 6 inches.
3. Reach a DESIRED Consistency, that is NOT TOO WET to run all over, NOT TOO DRY to fall apart), and spread it EVENLY over a Macroporous Cloth, such as an UNBLEACHED (preferably) Paper Towel or a Cotton Cloth.
4. Must now place the top of your Poultice "sandwich" over the Activated Charcoal laden bottom layer.
5. Cover with a soft-type Cling Wrap (Saran Wrap).
6. Place over DESIRED Area of the Skin to be treated (Sandwich on the Skin with the Saran Wrap over the top).
7. Wrap Saran Wrap, a Towel, or a stretch-type (Ace) Bandage around to secure the Sandwich in place.
8. Leave Activated Charcoal Poultice in place overnight or at least 1-2 hours, if applied during the day.
9. Always DISCARD an Activated Charcoal Poultice after use. Do NOT REUSE it!
NOTE: The Activated Charcoal Poultice can be made SMALL by using a Bandaid or made LARGE by using a Cotton Sheet.

NOTE: Make up the following Mixture AHEAD of time, If POSSIBLE!
Formula: To make the Universal Poison Antidote, you must:
1. Take 2 parts (Volume, NOT Weight) of Activated Charcoal Powder.
2. Add 1 part STRONG White Oak Bark Tea.
3. Add 1 part Milk of Magnesia.
4. Store in the Refrigerator (lasts 1-2 mos.), until NEEDED!
You must act QUICKLY, since some POISONS can cause DEATH within a few minutes!!! First, if POSSIBLE, identify the POISON, then follow the APPLICABLE Information below to NEUTRALIZE that POISON!

If you can NOT IDENTIFY the POISON, you must:
1. Give 2 - 4 Tablespoons orally, as QUICKLY as POSSIBLE, of UNIVERSAL POISON ANTIDOTE with a SMALL amount of PURE Water!
2. Continue Treatment, until the desired RESULTS are achieved.

If a Person has taken BAD FOOD (LESS than 1 hr. before Treatment), a NON-CORROSIVE POISON, DRUG, TOXIN or HEAVY METAL, you must:
1. Give 1-3 tsp. of Lobelia Seed Pod Tincture to INDUCE VOMITING!!
1A. Or give 2 quarts of Warm Water, adding a SMALL amount of Lemon Juice, then
1B. Thrust your Finger down your Throat and tickle the Uvula (Flesh hanging down in back of throat) to INDUCE VOMITING!!
2. Give 1 - 3 Glasses of Activated Charcoal Slurry per day.
3. Continue this Treatment, until the desired RESULTS are achieved.

NOTE: An OVERDOSE of Lobelia Seed Pod Tincture is NOT DANGEROUS, but causes SLIGHT Sweating and Nausea. In fact, it can be used as an Emetic to promote VOMITING, if a TOXIC substance is swallowed, except if it's CAUSTIC, then an Activated Charcoal Slurry should be drank!

If a Person has taken BAD Food (MORE than 1 hr. before Treatment), a STRONG CORROSIVE POISON or Petroleum Product, you must:
2. Give 1 - 3 Glasses of Activated Charcoal Slurry per day.
3. Continue this Treatment, until the desired RESULTS are achieved.

If a Person has been BITTEN by a POISONOUS Reptile or Insect (also Bee or Wasp Stings), you must:
1. Give 1 - 3 Glasses of Activated Charcoal Slurry per day.
2. Give 2 - 4 oz. of Echinacea Plus Tincture at ONCE!
3. Apply an Activated Charcoal Poultice on the area of the Bite.
3A. Or CRUSH UP Plantain Leaves, then
3B. PRESS and HOLD the crushed Plantain Leaves onto the Bite for 10-15 minutes.
4. Continue this Treatment, until the desired RESULTS are achieved.

If a Person has POISON IVY, you must:
1. Mix EQUAL parts of Aloe Vera Gel, Slippery Elm Powder and Activated Charcoal Powder together.
2. Apply a THIN layer of this Mixture over the AFFECTED Area(s).
3. Give 3 - 6 Glasses of Activated Charcoal Slurry.
4. Continue this Treatment, until the desired RESULTS are achieved.

An Alternative in an EMERGENCY, if Activated Charcoal Powder is NOT AVAILABLE, is Burnt Toast, but it must be TOTALLY Carbonized and Pulverised to be a GOOD ADSORBENT and produce the NEEDED RESULTS! Activated Charcoal Powder should be purchased to have AVAILABLE at ALL times, if and when it may be NEEDED! Also by itself, Activated Charcoal is the VERY BEST ANTIDOTE for FOOD POISONING! I should know, because I had SERIOUS FOOD POISONING several times last year and used it VERY SUCCESSFULLY!!
I don't usually recommend drinking Black Tea (green tea is preferable), since it has VERY HIGH amounts of Caffeine, but, in a POISON EMERGENCY, it can be substituted, if the White Oak Bark is NOT AVAILABLE! If you're going to drink Tea on a regular basis though, Green Tea would be MUCH HEALTHIER for you!
I recommend Milk of Magnesia in a POISON EMERGENCY, since it NEUTRALIZES POISONS, that are ACID. People take it for an UPSET Stomach, because it does NEUTRALIZE Stomach Acid! But since EXCESS Acid is NOT usually the PROBLEM, you should drink STRONG Ginger or Peppermint Tea or Lemon Water instead!
How does this POISON ANTIDOTE work? If the POISON is Alkaline, the Tannic Acid, that is in the White Oak Bark (or Black) Tea will NEUTRALIZE that Alkaline POISON! If the POISON is Acid, the Milk of Magnesia will NEUTRALIZE that Acid POISON! Activated Charcoal Powder, even in VERY SMALL doses, can ADSORB HIGH QUANTITIES of very STRONG POISONS!

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