TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  September 1998 Vol. I No. 7
BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION - Suppressed Medical Discovery
Tom Harrelson (Revised 3/8/08)

In 1990, an astounding discovery was reported at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC by Drs. Kaali and Wyman, resulting in Patent No. 5,188,738 being issued in 1993 entitled "Alternating Current Supplied Electrically Conductive Method and System for Treatment of Blood and/or Other Body Fluids and/or Synthetic Fluids with Electric Forces.". Their research work involved an in vitro & in vivo human Blood Electrification process, which electronically sterilizes the blood, resulting in all known pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus, being completely eliminated! Their research had been anticipated 24 years earlier in 1973 with the research involved in Patent No. 3,753,886. Not surprisingly though, due to the stranglehold, that the Pharmaceutical Cartel has in the U.S., this revolutionary clinical data was almost totally suppressed. Other than a few News Articles such as the Science News: Mar. 30, `91 pg. 207, Longevity: Dec. `92/pg. 14, and Houston Post: Mar. 20, '91 /Sect. A-10, plus the Patent No. 5,188,738, there has been a complete BLACKOUT since then in the News Media about this powerful medical technology!

Dr. Robert Beck, a Medical Physicist, who has been doing research and development in Alternative Bio-Medical Electronics for over 30 years, discovered this very revolutionary data about 4 years ago, and had decided to prove whether or not this medical technology is really safe and truly efficacious. Since then he has been doing in vivo Blood Electrification offshore for the past 3+ years, involving persons with Stage 5 (full-blown) AIDS, and resulting in the complete REVERSAL of AIDS in 100% of the cases, having been verified by many PCR (polymerase chain reaction; K. Mullis, 1983) tests. Dr. Robert Beck has now completely proved the safety and efficacy of this powerful medical technology and documented his clinical research results in Independent Review Board studies. During that time many anecdotal reports of the complete REVERSALS of Cancer & Leukemia have also been reported to him! During his research, Dr. Robert Beck has also noticed a side-effect to the Blood Electrification process known as Electroporation, which causes the Red Blood Cells to become 20-30 times more porous than normal, resulting in a much greater efficiency of the Red Blood Cells to carry nutrition, herbs, and medications to the cells of the body. This means that any individual, who is doing his/her own research, needs to be aware of the Electroporation effect, so that they can make best use of this process for optimal safety and efficacy. Recently though, some other researchers believe, that rather than Electroporation occuring, the Blood Electrification effect is more likely causing an increase in the Transmembrane Potential Voltage, which will also increase absorption many times!

Dark-Field Microscopists have looked at the blood of over 100 individuals, who have done the Blood Electrification for 1+ months, and have found that each of these individual's Red Blood Cells will live outside the body for at least 2 months whereas the average individual's Red Blood Cells can only live outside the body for 5-8 days at the most! Also Dr. Robert Beck has been nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his Blood Electrification research! Though he has repeatedly said that he's NOT likely to receive this prestigious award, since he is definitely NOT one of the Team Players!

THE BECK ZAPPER-Renewed Hope Against AIDS (March 20, 1997 Revision), NEXUS Magazine/August-September'98, Robert C. Beck, D.Sc..

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