TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  Special Issue No. 6A
Heart Attacks: Test & Nutrition - Part 1
Sam Biser & Carey Reams, Ph.D.
Edited By Tom Harrelson ( Revised 6/23/99)

This month the Healthview Newsletter turns to Dr. Carey Reams, Biochemist, Biophysicist and Naturopathic Physician from Blue Ridge, Georgia.
Dr. Reams is the discoverer of an INGENIOUS Urine Test, which yields the PROPER Information to mathematically analyze the ENTIRE Body Chemistry and detect, with REMARKABLE Accuracy, the location and SEVRITY of MOST Physical Maladies! Based on this Analysis, Dr. Reams says that he can then prepare a SPECIFIC, individualized Diet for the Patient, that will lead to EXCELLENT Health!
Born in Orlando, Florida in 1904, Dr. Reams has spent most of his life as a Researcher and Consultant in Nutrition and Biochemistry. And by 1969, his reputation as a Nutritional Consultant had spread so WIDELY, and demand for his services had grown so MUCH, he had to cut SHORT his planned retirement. He regularly receives visits from Patients, who fly in from Africa, Australia, Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and other parts of the world. He also conducts frequent classes in Biophysics and Nutrition attended by Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Laymen who likewise come from ALL over the globe to learn from him.
In 1970 and 1971 alone, Dr. Reams tested and designed Nutritional Programs for over 24,000 Patients. He is also working with Computer Specialists to make his Urine Test available to Doctors throughout the Country. People will be able to be tested in REMOTE Areas and have their basic data punched into a Computer Terminal, located in their own Hometown and hooked up to Dr. Reams' data bank. The Analysis of the Patient's Body Chemistry will then flash back on the screen of the remote terminal. Dr. Reams feels his Techniques and INEXPENSIVE Urinalysis may REVOLUTIONIZE Medicine in the United States!
Dr. Reams wants readers to note, that he is NOT engaged in the Diagnosis or Treatment of Disease. He tells every Patient, who comes to him, that: "I am a Biophysicist and an Ordained Minister. I am NOT a Medical Doctor, NOR do I claim to be one. All that I am doing is giving you a Diet for your specific Body Chemistry and teaching you the HEALTH MESSAGE contained in the BIBLE!"
In this interview, Dr. Reams discusses how he detects and treats Heart Disease. He lists the Warning Signs, that can ALERT you of a COMING Heart Attack. He also discusses SPECIFIC Measures, that you can take on your own to protect yourself and your family members from a Heart Attack.

"Heart Attacks can be FORESEEN from Minutes-to-Months-to-Years in

HEALTHVIEW: I've heard that you've discovered a Method for detecting Heart Attacks in ADVANCE, which would be a MAJOR Medical BREAKTHROUGH! Are the reports TRUE?
REAMS: YES, ABSOLUTELY, because Heart Attacks do NOT suddenly JUMP on anyone! Like other Diseases, Heart Attacks are caused by a Body Dysfunction. Heart Attacks have Symptoms, that can be detected in ADVANCE!

I've developed a Urine Test, that can pick up the Heart Attack DANGER Zone and it is very ACCURATE! Anyone found in the DANGER Zone, who ignores the WARNING is virtually committing SUICIDE!
There was an UNFORTUNATE example of this last year, when we WARNED a man, that he was in imminent DANGER of a FATAL Heart Attack. I told him how to WARD it off, but he didn't believe me. Instead he went to his Doctor, who pronounced him in PERFECT Health. At 5 o'clock that afternoon, the man's wife called me to say that her husband had just DIED on the way to the Hospital!

"It is Possible for a Person to Feel WELL and Yet be in DANGER of a
MAJOR or FATAL Heart Attack!"

HEALTHVIEW: Did the man feel ill when you tested him?
REAMS: NO! He said, "I am in EXCELLENT health and there is NOTHING wrong with me." And that's an IMPORTANT point! It is possible for a person to feel well and yet be in imminent danger of either a MAJOR or FATAL Heart Attack!

There was another UNFORTUNATE example of this last Spring--the Bishop of a Church, who came here for Tests. The Urine Test denoted that he would have a FATAL Heart Attack in 6 months. He said, "I'm in PERFECT Health," ignored the WARNING, and was DEAD of a Heart Attack, just 6 days short of 6 months!

HEALTHVIEW: Would you please describe your Urine Test?
REAMS: My Urine Test itself is a qualitative, quantitative Analysis, and can be COMPLETED in about a half-hour! I use ADVANCED Mathematics to convert the Results of the Test into relative Energy Values. This tells us, which Tissues in the Body are GAINING or LOSING Energy, and that gives us a picture of the Problem Areas.

The Doctors, that I am training, telephone the Test Numbers to me and I call them back giving the results of the Analysis. The Mathematics and Calculations, underlying the Test, will shortly be computerized. However those, who have completed enough schooling in this field, can do the Calculations themselves, and have the SAME answer as I have and the picture is the SAME no matter, who looks at it.

HEALTHVIEW: What are the different variables, that you measure with your Test?
REAMS: There are five. They are (1) the Acidity of the Urine and Saliva; (2) the amount of Sugars in the Urine; (3) the Salts in the Urine; (4) the number of Dead Cells excreted per 100 lbs. of Body Weight; and (5) the amounts of Urea in the Urine.

I do a Urinalysis, instead of a Blood Analysis, because Urine Analysis are MORE accurate! Blood Chemistry changes every few minutes. Urine Tests give a TRUE picture, because the average value of any Element or Compound found in the Urine, over a 24 hour period, is the SAME as the average value in the Blood. Two KEY variables for Heart Attack are the ABSOLUTE levels of Urea and Salts in the Urine. Too MUCH of either, Urea or Salts, is symptomatic of a COMING Heart Attack!

"The Two Body TOXINS, that CAUSE Heart Attacks!"

HEALTHVIEW: Please explain why for our readers.
REAMS: Sure, I'll take Urea first. Too much Urea in the Blood Stream is the PRIMARY cause of Pectoris Heart Attacks. EXCESSIVE amounts of Urea in the Blood causes the Heart to beat much HARDER! You can hear it pounding, if you listen to the Heart with a Stethoscope. Urea can cause the Heart to beat 400 times HARDER than it should! However, it's not necessarily beating any FASTER. Urea OVERSTIMULATES the Heart, OVERWORKS it, EXHAUSTS it, and eventually CAUSES it to go into a SPASM, which is a Pectoris Heart Attack!

My Urine Test has a "Heart Attack Zone" which refers to what I call the Ionization Scale of Blood Urea concentration. A HEALTHY Urea level is 6, the Zone for a MILD Heart Attack is 20 to 24, the Zone for a MAJOR Heart Attack is 24 to 26, and the Zone for a FATAL Heart Attack is 26 to 30! At 30, Cardiac Arrest will take place very SOON, should the person be FORTUNATE enough to AVOID a FATAL Heart Attack!

HEALTHVIEW: And what about the Salts?
REAMS: A HIGH level of Salts in the Body will raise the Cholesterol and HIGH Cholesterol is a Symptom of the other kind of Heart Attack--Angina! To understand how that works, you have to understand how Blood circulates. The Heart doesn't pump Blood all over the Body, as most people think, because the Heart just STARTS the Blood circulating. The Blood is actually squeezed and pushed along by Muscles expanding and contracting RHYTHMATICALLY in the walls of the Arteries and Veins.

Angina problems begin with too MANY Salts accumulating in the Body. I'm referring to ALL Salts, NOT just Sodium Chloride (regular Table Salt). I'm also talking about the Organic Mineral Salts in Vegetables and Fruits and also the Protein Salts, as well as Sea Salts. You could scrupulously AVOID ALL Table Salt for years and have a HIGH Salt content in your Body! A malfunctioning of the Liver causes the Body to store Salts, instead of EXCRETING them in the Urine. The Body often retains too MUCH Salts, and stores them in the Muscles and Fatty Tissues. The Muscles in the walls of the Arteries and Veins NO longer expand and contract and push the Blood through. They then LOSE their flexibility, which is HARDENING of the Arteries! When this happens, the Body starts lining the Arteries with Cholesterol. This is similar to what happens when you put your finger over the Nozzle of a Garden Hose. By narrowing the opening, you make the Water squirt out FASTER and with MORE force! Likewise, when your Body lines the Arteries with Cholesterol, it's trying to NARROW the opening and make the Blood squirt through FASTER! It's the Salts and NOT the Cholesterol, that's the cause of an Angina Heart Attack! HIGH Cholesterol, however, is an indicator of a FUTURE Angina Heart Attack.

HEALTHVIEW: Are you concerned about people getting too MUCH Cholesterol from eating Eggs?
REAMS: NO, since the ONLY cause of HIGH Cholesterol in the Body is retaining too MANY Salts!

"The WARNING Signs of a COMING Heart Attack!"

HEALTHVIEW: You pointed out, that sometimes a person feels FINE before a Heart Attack. Yet, often he or she will feel Symptoms, that should be taken as a forewarning. What are some of the most IMPORTANT EARLY Warning Signs of a Heart Attack?
REAMS: For Adults, the Warning Signs of an IMPENDING Angina Heart Attack are PAINS in the Chest. I tested one young Man a few weeks ago, who had SORENESS and PAIN in his Chest and Left Arm. He thought that it was caused by a Muscle Sprain, but it was the beginning of a Heart Attack, that probably would have KILLED him!

PAINS in the Chest can also he caused by Acute Indigestion, but you can always tell the difference between Indigestion and an IMPENDING Angina Heart Attack, because in MOST cases, when the cause of the PAIN is Indigestion, you also have COLD Hands and Feet and SHORTNESS of Breath. When the cause of the PAIN is an IMPENDING Angina Heart Attack, you become quite NERVOUS! I hope that we'll have time to go into why this is so, because it gets into the IMPORTANT area of the Side Effects of EXCESSIVE Blood Urea, but first let me finish about the Symptoms.

HEALTHVIEW: Of course.
REAMS: One Warning Sign for a Pectoris Heart Attack is TENSION and another is Wrinkles in the Forehead, caused by TENSION. However, TENSION can have other causes, such as a deficiency in one of the forms of Calcium, which isn't necessarily directly related to Heart Disease. Another KEY Warning Sign of a Pectoris Heart Attack is being tired, when you awake in the morning though you have had an ORDEINARY amount of time for sleep and rest in bed. Fatigue in the morning is a sign, that your Blood has too MUCH Urea. The Urea is OVERSTIMULATING the Heart, thus causing TENSION and Restlessness, so that you can't RELAX enough to sleep WELL!

These Warning Signs of Heart Attacks are the SAME in Children, and incidentally, MOST people don't realize that Children have Heart Attacks just like Adults. About 1600 Children DIE from Heart Attacks each year, on School Grounds and especially during Athletic Activity! Small Children have PAINS in the Chest and cry, "Mommy, I've got a tummy ache." They go to the Doctor, and he can NOT find anything WRONG with the Child's Stomach. The next thing, that you know, he/she has a Heart Attack! Very few people are AWARE of it, but I estimate that over 8,000 - 10,000 children DIE each year from Heart Attacks and my Urine Test could SAVE those Children! The other signs of a COMING Heart Attack in Children are the following: if the Child is continually TOO tired to get up in the Morning, if they do NOT want to get out of bed or are SLOW getting started, and are irritable and have Hypertension. Though there are other causes of Hypertension besides Urea.

"The Reasons, Why DANGEROUS Levels of Urea can BUILD-UP in Your Blood!"

HEALTHVIEW: What causes Urea to accumulate EXCESSIVELY in the Blood?
REAMS: There are MANY causes. In MANY areas, where a lot of Ammonia Fertilizer is used, it LEECHES into the Water Supply. So that Water from a Spring or a Well can be HIGH in Urea, just the same as City Water. However, ALL of the Spring Water, that is sold in Interstate Commerce is inspected and is FREE of Urea.

Keep in mind that Nitrogen is the MAIN Ingredient of Urea and then consider the Plains Region between Omaha, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado. There is so MUCH Nitrogen Fertilizer is being used there that the ground is SATURATED with Nitrogen! The Urea in their Water is so HIGH, that I believe 1 out of 4 Adults, who are now living there will DIE of a Heart Attack, and a premature DEATH! This is a TRAGEDY of the FIRST Magnitude--and PREVENTABLE!
Too MUCH Urea in your Blood is caused by UNDIGESTED Proteins and by eating Luncheon Meats with Urea Preservatives. If your Body Chemistry is POOR already, then it will allow the Proteins from Whole Milk to turn into Urea in your Body. You can also have Urea accumulation, if the body is NOT flushing WASTES out through Sweat and Urine. People do NOT drink enough PURE Water daily!
Another GREAT cause of Urea buildup in the Body is the eating of Meats like Pork and Shellfish. These are included in what the Bible calls "Unclean Meats". See the 11th chapter of Leviticus. There's a modern Chemical Rationale for the Bible's Warning against "Unclean Meats" and that is that they digest too QUICKLY in your Body! They are metabolized in 3 hours, versus 18 hours for the "Clean Meats" like Beef and Chicken, and the "Clean Fish" (those with Fins and Scales). "Unclean Meats" digest so FAST, that you can't use the Proteins, which turn into Urea and dump into the Bloodstream so FAST, that the Kidneys can NOT ELIMINATE them! The Problem caused by "Unclean Meats" is that too MUCH Energy is released too QUICKLY! When you burn Wood in a Fireplace, it heats the room, but grind that Wood into Sawdust and set fire to it and Heat is expelled in the room in GREATER amounts in LESS time. The "Unclean Meats" release too MUCH Energy too QUICKLY, which causes a BREAKDOWN in the Cell Structures!

"HIGH Urea is the CHIEF Cause of Crib Death in Babies!"

HEALTHVIEW: Is it the Urea, that causes the Nervousness, which you mentioned earlier?
REAMS: Too MUCH Urea is one cause of Nervousness. The Blood becomes CLOGGED with Urea and the WHOLE Body begins to function INEFFICIENTLY! It's like driving a Car with the Brakes on, because there is something, that is HOLDING you back! The Energy, that is released from Proteins and turns to Urea, is Energy, that the Body NEEDED to perform SMOOTHLY. The LOSS of that Energy causes anyone to DRIVE or FORCE themselves to work, using RESERVE Energy, thus slowly becoming WEAKER! The HARDER, that you drive yourself, the MORE that the TENSION INCREASES! So that anyone, who DRIVES themselves, is BEGGING for a Heart Attack!

Incidentally, HIGH Urea is the CHIEF cause of the "unknown" Crib Death in Babies! It can be predicted way in ADVANCE by my Urine Test. Too OFTEN though, nursing Mothers are eating too MUCH Meat, so there's too MUCH Urea--UNDIGESTED Protein--in the Mother's Milk. When the Infant nurses, it gets that Urea and it's Heart is so LITTLE and WEAK, that it just can NOT handle it!

"ALL Vegetables Contain Proteins and these Vegetable Proteins can
ALSO Turn to UREA!"

HEALTHVIEW: Would a "Vegetarian" be LESS prone to Heart Attacks than a "Meat Eater"?
REAMS: NOT necessarily, since Vegetarians often get into a dietary RUT and are too NARROW in their Food choices. MANY Vegetarians eat too MUCH Soybean Protein and MANY take EXCESSIVE Protein Drinks. They come home at night, TIRED out, because their Protein is already too HIGH! They take a Glass of Protein Drink and then go to bed. The Urea in the Blood INCREASES, so that now they are just asking for a Heart Attack!

HEALTHVIEW: Would regular Exercise FLUSH the EXCESS Urea out of the system?
REAMS: NO, since it has NOTHING to do with Exercise. In fact, if the Body levels of Urea are TOO HIGH, strenuous Exercise can actually TRIGGER a Heart Attack!!

HEALTHVIEW: Will vitamin E help prevent Heart Attack?
REAMS: NOT necessarily, but since Vitamin E is a Blood Thinner, which can THIN out Blood made too THICK by Urea or other substances, it will often DELAY a Heart Attack. But then Vitamin E ALONE can NOT STOP the eventual EXHAUSTION of the Heart's strength caused by an ever INCREASING amount of Urea in the Blood, NOR can it PREVENT the SPASM or Heart Attack, that accompanies such EXHAUSTION!

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