TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  Special Issue No. 6B
Heart Attacks: Test & Nutrition - Part 2
Sam Biser & Carey Reams, Ph.D.
Edited By Tom Harrelson (Revised 1/22/01)

"How to STOP a Heart Attack from COMING!"

HEALTHVIEW: What can done to HEAD-OFF a Heart Attack, once the Urine Test indicates one is COMING?
REAMS: Basically, it's SIMPLE--you have to CLEANSE your system and WASH-OUT the EXCESS Urea! And you do this by drinking Distilled Water. You should drink about half of your Body Weight in ounces per day. If you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink 80 ounces; 120 pounds, 60 ounces and so on and so forth. You should drink it in 4-ounce Doses every half-hour. If you drink MORE at once, it will NOT do you ANY good, because it will simply PASS through your Body WITHOUT cleansing it!

HEALTHVIEW: How LONG does it take to cleanse the body?
REAMS: Cleansing your Body takes from 3 months to 1 year, but it usually ONLY takes about 24 - 48 hours to MOVE a Person OUT of the Heart Attack DANGER Zone! And after your Body Chemistry has become favorable, you should CONTINUE taking this dosage of Distilled Water EVERY half-hour to keep your Body FREE of WASTE Products. Drinking the Water is NOT DIFFICULT, once you get used to it.

I have had people with SERIOUS Heart Problems, who were UNABLE to work for MANY years and could hardly walk across the Room. Their Pulses were in the LOW 40s and UPPER 30s per minute and in 3 months, their Hearts had PERFECT Rhythm! After the Urea becomes NORMAL, there's a MAJOR improvement in personality as well. People, with Urea in the Heart Attack DANGER Zone, don't realize how MUCH Tension, that they have and when you see them 24 hours later, they're DIFFERENT People, who are NOT nearly so TENSE! Wives, too, have often commented on the Personality IMPROVEMENT in their Husbands, once the Urea Problem has been brought under CONTROL.

"How SALT Accumulations Cause Obesity!"

HEALTHVIEW: Does that also work for Angina Heart Attacks caused by Salts?
REAMS: YES, and interestingly, the Process often REVERSES Obesity also. The reason is that, when one's Body becomes SATURATED with Salts, it can NOT provide RESERVE Energy, as Fat is supposed to do. It's more like Salted Pork, than an Energy Reservoir. So the Body puts on MORE Fat to provide the RESERVE Energy, that it NEEDS! And that also becomes SATURATED with Salt, so that now the body puts on MORE and MORE Fat.

EXCESSIVE Salts are the cause of Varicose Veins, but Veins return to NORMAL Size, when the Salts are ELIMINATED! LOW Salt Diets do NOT always work, because they FAIL to REMOVE the STORED Salts. You must use Distilled Water SYSTEMATICALLY and in the RIGHT Dosage to obtain FAVORABLE Results. Often though, a person on a Distilled Water Program will be doing WELL for a few weeks and their Lab Test shows that the Salt is dropping to NORMAL. All of a sudden their Salt will go VERY HIGH on the Test, which is caused by the Salts, which are coming out of the Fat and Muscle. After the Salts are ELIMINATED, the Tiredness and Fatigue DISAPPEAR and the DANGER of a Heart Attack.

HEALTHVIEW: Do you recommend that people AVOID Salts?
REAMS: NO, because there are some people, who must have Sodium Chloride, and if their Body Chemistry is functioning PROPERLY, it won't HURT them, but if your Body Chemistry is MALFUNCTIONING, Salt and Sea Kelp are the WORST things, that they could use in their diet and Mineral Salts from Organically-Grown Vegetables will STORE in the Body's Tissues!

"Distilled Water is Like a Blotter, REMOVING EXCESS Proteins
from the Blood!"

HEALTHVIEW: Can Distilled Water LEECH-OUT VITAL Minerals from the Body?
REAMS: NO, it can NOT, since it's IMPOSSIBLE for Distilled Water to DEMINERALIZE LIVE Tissue or LIVE Bone and ONLY washes out DECAYING Materials from WORN-OUT, BROKEN-DOWN or CANCEROUS Cells!

HEALTHVIEW: Besides Distilled Water, what else can be used for the Cleansing Program?
REAMS: Distilled Water is BEST! It's DEVOID of Minerals and is absorbent, like a DRY Sponge or a Blotter. When you drink Distilled Water, EXCESSIVE Protein is the FIRST thing, that is REMOVED from the Body, because the Water becomes IONIZED, carrying an Electrical Charge and DRAWING-OUT the DEAD Cells and Protein Wastes from the Tissues.

You can use Spring Water, but it has to be tested and found to be LOW in Minerals and COMPLETELY lacking in ALL of the HARMFUL Minerals and Nitrates, whether they are from Fertilizers or Sewage Treatment Plants. 50 years ago, whenever I tested I seldom ever found a BAD Spring and today, I seldom ever find a GOOD one!

HEALTHVIEW: What else do you use for cleansing?
REAMS: We use a SPECIAL form of Dolomite Magnesium, which acts as a Catalyst to turn EXCESSIVE Blood Protein into Energy. It also causes the Blood to RELEASE EXCESS Proteins into the Urine.

It's one of the FINEST grades of Dolomite in the world, coming from California and supplied by Daily Manufacturing, Inc./P.O. Box 7/Rockwell, NC 28138/704-782-0700/704-784-8400 - Fax. This particular Dolomite Bed is one of the OLDEST in the World and has BROKEN-DOWN into a MORE ABSORBABLE Form. It's FREE of Lead and Aluminum and other UNFAVORABLE Elements, that so often accompany Dolomite Deposits and it WORKS!

"To REBUILD the Heart, We Use Foods RICH in NATURAL Arsenic!"

HEALTHVIEW: Do you use any SPECIAL Foods for people with Heart Disease?
REAMS: YES, WE DO! To REBUILD the Heart, we use Foods RICH in NATURAL Arsenic, those being Asparagus and Celery. The NATURAL Arsenic in these Vegetables is in the Phosphate Form and is NOT POISONOUS and is in fact VITAL for a STRONG Heart! The Asparagus is BETTER cooked or canned, than RAW. We use the Celery in Salads and as Celery Juice, giving 4 - 5 ounces a day. We also use Lettuce, Romaine and Escarole in Salads and in GREEN Drinks made with a Vegetable Juicer. Lettuce LOWERS their TENSION, because it contains a SMALL amount of NATURAL Opium, which HELPS to keep the Muscles around the Heart QUIETED DOWN!

We recommend Quail Meat once a week for Heart Patients, because it has a particularly WELL ASSIMILATED Form of Iodine, which STRENGTHENS the Liver and in turn helps it to REBUILD the Heart. Quail Meat is EASILY AVAILABLE and is on sale in the Markets. You can also get a POTENT Form of Iodine for the Liver from ORGANIC Carrots, especially Carrots, that come from California, Canada and Arizona, but Carrots from Texas, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio are very LOW in Iodine and should be AVOIDED! Another form of USABLE Iodine is found in Red Salmon, which has MORE Iodine than Pink Salmon. Use Red Salmon in cans.

"The Two CAUSES of High Blood Pressure!"

HEALTHVIEW: Turning now to a related subject, what causes High Blood Pressure? REAMS: There are 2 MAIN causes. One is Pressure from WITHIN and the other is Pressure from WITHOUT! Pressure from WITHIN develops, when a Person has a Chip on his Shoulder and HATES somebody or wants REVENGE for something or another. Pressure from WITHOUT is caused by Scar Tissue and SWELLINGS in the Tissues, that PRESS inward on Blood Vessels. When this happens, the Heart has to pump HARDER to get the Blood to the Capillaries.

What causes Tissues to SWELL? OLD Cells, that are DYING and need to be REPLACED, do NOT produce ENOUGH Energy--because the Body simply LACKS the RAW Materials NEEDED to build NEW Cells, namely the RIGHT Minerals in the RIGHT Proportions. So that the OLD Cells start to DECAY and then SWELL with Carbon Dioxide and/or retain TOO MUCH Water.
One of the Variables, that we check for in my Urine Test is the DEAD Cells found in the Urine, since this denotes how WELL that the body is throwing off OLD Cells and building NEW ones. To HELP High Blood Pressure, you have to FLUSH-OUT OLD Cells with the Distilled Water and give the Body the Minerals NEEDED to build NEW Cells! (Editor's Comment: I HIGHLY recommend Trace Mineral Drops by Trace Minerals Research).

"Feeding Meats to Children Too EARLY in Life Can Give Them HYPERTENSION!"

HEALTHVIEW: And how about Hypertension?
REAMS: Hypertension is NOT necessarily High Blood Pressure. There's ONLY one cause of Hypertension, that I've ever found, and that is Food digesting TOO SLOWLY, causing CONSTIPATION! The Proteins do NOT digest NORMALLY and they turn to Urea, which then OVERWORKS the Heart, making you feel WORN-OUT and TIRED ALL of the time!

People with Hypertension are OVERFED and UNDERNOURISHED, STARVING and MISERABLE, causing them to be MEAN, IRRITABLE and NASTY! But NOT ALWAYS, since there are people with Hypertension, who do NOT even know it, because they've MASTERED their TENSION by the GRACE of GOD and are under COMPLETE SELF-CONTROL!
A recent Example of Hypertension involved 2 young Brothers, ages 9 and 12. They had been EXPELLED from 3 Schools, and if they were EXPELLED from the 4th, they would be sent to a Reformatory. So I ran the Tests and QUICKLY saw they were TERRIBLY UNDERNOURISHED and CONSTIPATED! They were STARVING-TO-DEATH, but by OUTWARD appearances, they looked HEALTHY! In the meantime, they were ALL over my office. But I did NOT mind, because the Office could be STRAIGHTENED-OUT later, but the Boys really NEEDED HELP! I wrote out a Program of Menus for the Boys and recommended a series of Colonics to get their Bowels UNCLOGGED. These Boys were living on Hamburgers, which I ELIMINATED! Children under 8 years old should NOT have ANY Nuts or Nut Butters and Children under 12 years old should NOT have ANY Meats! If you give these FoodsTOO EARLY in life, a Child's Digestive Juices are NOT STRONG ENOUGH to handle them, so that giving a Child ANY of the Foods, that he/she can NOT digest will make him/her IRRITABLE and TENSE and cause him/her to have Digestive Problems. I told the Parents to feed the Boys RAW Green Leafy Salads, which would supply RAW Chlorophyll to HELP STIMULATE their Pancreas and STABILIZE their Blood Sugar. Well, anyway, in 3 weeks they were NO longer WILD Ruffians, but PLEASANT little Gentlemen! And amusingly, the 9 year old said: "Doctor, I want to ask you a Question. Before I went on my Diet, my teacher was an OLD Hag, but now she's the SWEETEST Teacher in the World, but how did my Diet HELP my Teacher?"

"The LEMON Juice Fast and How It REPATTERNS Your Body Chemistry!"

HEALTHVIEW: That's a beautiful story. Now, when you're cleansing a Person's Body, what do you do to try to make SURE that the SAME Problem does NOT REOCCUR?
REAMS: You have to REPATTERN a Person's Body Chemistry, so that the Body no longer STORES UNDESIRABLE Salts and other Materials, but rather uses what it truly NEEDS and EXCRETES the Residue! And to do this, we use the Lemon Juice Fast. For 3 days we give MOST people NOTHING but 4 ounces of FRESH Lemon Juice in 36 ounces of Distilled Water. The Person drinks 4 ounces of the Lemon Juice every hour on the hour until ALL 40 ounces are FINISHED. The Patients take the SAME number of days to BREAK the Fast as they were on the Lemon Juice Fast. They continue to take the Lemon Juice, until they are COMPLETELY OFF of the Fast. They increase the Food intake during the next 2 days, Starting with a Soft-Boiled or Poached Egg, plus a Vegetable Broth on the 4th day, until they are eating REGULARLY by the 7th day. If you don't BREAK the Fast CORRECTLY, the Body will REVERT back to it's UNHEALTHY State and will keep STORING Salts, instead of EXCRETING them!

It's a POWERFUL Fast, but then it has to be to REPATTERN your Body Chemistry! So be SURE to do it under Supervision! Some people have Headaches after the 1st day. A few feel FAINT, and some even temporarily BLACKOUT, because their Blood Sugar drops TOO LOW! When this happens, we put a drop of Honey or Maple Syrup on the Tongue and the FAINTNESS goes AWAY in a minute! MOST people feel TERRIBLE, during this Fast. I've had big, bulging Athletes go on the Program and complain that they've NEVER felt so SICK in their lives! They HATE me, during the Fast, but they feel so GOOD, that when it's over, they have forgotten, what they said and that's what really COUNTS! But the Lemon Juice Fast is NOT an ORDINARY Fast. I have known people to try it and LAND-UP in a Hospital. About 95% of the People, that I test, can do the Lemon Juice Fast at Home. However, the other 5% must be under CONTINUAL Supervision. I EMPHATICALLY advise Readers to have the Urine Test done FIRST, before they do a Lemon Juice Fast!
Lemon Juice is IMPORTANT for it's NATURAL Hydrochloric Acid, which can be CONVERTED by the Liver into some 6 Billion Different Enzymes with LESS Biochemical changes, than ANY other NATURAL Substance known to Humans. The Lemon Juice Fast works WELL and it works FAST, and the change in the Body Chemistry is LASTING!!

"How Do You Get the REAMS Urine Test Done!"

HEALTHVIEW: How do people go about taking your Urine Test?
REAMS: It's NOT necessary for people to come to Georgia to be tested. I have qualified people trained from MANY States around the country, who do my Urine Test. (Editor's Comment: Dr Reams has died, since this Newsletter was published in 1977, but there is a Facility, where they do the Reams Urine Test with the APPROVAL of Dr. Reams' Son - see FINAL NOTES below)

"Here are Five Points to REMEMBER!"

HEALTHVIEW: Could you please sum up for our readers the IMPORTANT Points, that you would like them to REMEMBER?
REAMS: CERTAINLY! There are 5 Points.
1. You must be PERSISTENT, if you want to get results with the Distilled Water Cleansing Program. You should carry a Jug or Thermos with you and get used to drinking the Distilled Water REGULARLY. It took years for the Salts and Toxins to accumulate in your Tissues, and it may take up to 1 year to wash them OUT! Please do NOT be like the Person who said, "Exercise does NOT work, because I tried it one day and NOTHING happened!"
2. You must make SURE that your Body has the Minerals, that it NEEDS to REBUILD NEW Cells, because if you LACK Minerals, your OLD Cells will NOT be REPLACED PROMPTLY, but will SWELL and DECAY, IMPEDING Circulation! You should get your Minerals by eating a LARGE variety of ORGANIC Vegetables. Vegetables, which taste SWEETER and are CRISPER will have a HIGHER Mineral Content! I would also recommend Min-Col as a Mineral Supplement, 1 Capsule per day, afterwards taking 2 capsules 2 times per day for 30 days for Adults.
3. If you are HEALTHY and are going to eat Meat, then you must LIMIT it to three days a week, unless you're physically EXTREMELY active, in which case you will need to eat MORE.
4. If you have a Heart Problem, then eat the Foods recommended earlier for strengthening the Heart and Liver: Asparagus, Celery, RAW Greens, Quail and Red Salmon, and Carrot Juice.
5. EVERYONE should eat a LARGE RAW Leafy Green Salad EVERY single day. This will supply the Body with Chlorophyll, which HELPS the Liver to produce the Enzymes NEEDED by the Pancreas. And stimulating the Pancreas is NECESSARY, when you want to CONTROL Conditions such as LOW Blood Sugar, COLD Hands and Feet, and Obesity.


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