William Turska, N.D.

1. Direct tumor injection (such as breast tumor): 1-10 injections as required; needle aspiration; liquification increases as the concentration of ozone increases; sometimes the installation of a continuous drain is required, sometimes just a poultice

2. Vagina, uterus: catheter administration with humidification; endometritis requires insertion of catheter into the cervical os.

3. Ear: for infections; 5 minutes per ear with humidification.

4. Direct intravenous injection: into the portal (rectal) vein for cancer (especially liver cancer) and hepatitis; it is suggested to use EDTA type chelation as well.

5. Autohemotherapy: syringe or bottle.

6. Nasal inhalation: 20 ug./ml. through 2" olive oil for 15 minutes twice daily.

7. Rectal insufflation: about 500 ml. in one minute spurts to use retroperistalsis to prevent gas pains. Slow continuous sdministration also satisfactory; humidification required.

8. Hyperbaric: 10 ug./cc. ozone at pressure of 45' of water - 30-35 p.s.i..

9. The potency of any medicine is greatly increased when taken in conjuction with ozone therapy, eg. aspirin 100 times; chemotherapy 10 times.

10. Hydrogen peroxide injection: mixed results; it is suggested to keep amounts and concentration low - .0375%.

11. Ozonated steam cabinet suggested as a good method of treating lymph system.

12. External limb bagging.