Wheat Germ Oil is an excellent Oil. It contains the vitamin E of the Wheat Berry. Wheat Berry is broken down in the roller mill during the milling process, and the Germ and the Bran are separated from the Carbohydrate. The Carbohydrate is pulverized and sold as White Flour. The Germ carries the Oil, which carries the vitamin E. The Bran carries the Vitamin B Factors. So that the Pigs that get the Wheat Germ get the Vitamin E, the Cows that get the Bran get the Vitamin B, and we get the Starch. Just like eating cardboard. So that's the trouble with Refined Flour.

This is where the Wheat Germ Oil comes in, for people who need vitamin E. This is the best source of vitamin E in a balanced form. It is not only the tocopherols, but the whole vitamin E complex.

Wheat Germ OIl is GOOD for Internal use or for External Application to Burns, Sores, and other Skin Problems. The Antioxidant Properties of Vitamin E make Wheat Germ Oil MORE stable to Oxidation or Rancidity, than MANY other oils.

Octacosanol is another Active Ingredient of Wheat Germ Oil. Many users and manufacturers of Octacosanol capsules claim that it enhances endurance, reaction time, and general vitality, but these effects may take several weeks to notice. Though scientific research has not completely verified all of the claims, Octacosanol appears to improve oxygen utilization, and thereby performance, particularly at higher altitudes or when under stress. It also has a mild Cholesterol-lowering effect.

Wheat Germ itself is a GOOD source of Protein, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, and many Minerals, particularly Iron, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Nutritionally, it is MORE balanced overall than its isolated Oil, which is almost exclusively Vitamin E plus other Oils and is more caloric. We do, however, need some Oils for Tissue Health and to obtain NATURAL Vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil supplements can be a GOOD addition to a LOW-Fat or LOW-Vitamin-E Diet.