Wild Yam Facts

Mr. B.: I have read some Articles recently suggesting, that maybe Wild Yam does NOT WORK!
Dr. S.: The NEGATIVE Reports come from Herbal Idiots, who have NEVER used it!

Mr. B.: These are prominent Herbalists criticizing it!
Dr. S.: I DON'T CARE! I have treated 100s of Menopausal Female Patients, who would HIGHLY DISAGREE!
Ten of the eleven so-called Herbal Authorities interviewed in these various Articles have NEVER worked with ANY Patients! They are Researchers ONLY. They are discussing the Healing Merits of Herbs solely by looking at the Chemical Structure of a Plant.
It has also become "faddish" for Herbalists to get together once in awhile and ALL agree on CONDEMNING an Herb as "folksy", NOT scientific, with NO Laboratory Proof, that it works!
Then they get a "Lynch Mob" together to DISCLAIM the Therapeutic Benefits of an Herb! They think this makes them look MORE respectable, MORE Scientific. All that I see is a group of Herbalists trying to kiss MORE a.., trying to look responsible and get recognized and licensed.
One female Herbal Researcher, after looking at a Chemical Analysis of Wild Yam said, "I think the POSITIVE results, that these Women are seeing with Wild Yam, is in their Imagination; the "Placebo Effect." All that I can say is, wait until she turns 50, she will come crawling and begging for it!
Another Study Group of Herbal Library Researchers also came to the conclusion that Wild Yam had NO Chemical proof to substantiate it's Effect on BALANCING Female Hormones.
These MORONS are like Horses with their Blinders on! They can ONLY see what's in their Microscope -- and if it's NOT there, they say it doesn't EXIST! Unknown to them, 1000s of Women have experienced MIRACLES with my Female Tonic Formula, containing Wild Yams!
Considering that we ABSOLUTELY KNOW that Estrogen CAUSES CANCER, I'll take my chances ANYDAY with ANY HERB, even if it is a Mystery as to why it works. But believe me, IT DOES WORK!