WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument -
User's Guide: Micro-Magnetic Therapy

NOTE: Please be SURE that you've read and understand the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument - User's Guide, before proceeding with the following Steps.
The following Procedure will produce a Frequency-Imprinted & Homeopathic-Like Solution known as a Micro-Magnetic Remedy, which can be used "FOR EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY".

1. Fill a 1 oz. Amber Bottle with Triple-Distilled Water.

2. Connect the OUTPUT Banana Jacks on the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument to the INPUT Jack on the BIO-ENERGY EQUALIZER.

3. Turn the Amplitude Knob SLIGHTLY Clockwise to turn the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument "ON".

4. Press the Numbers on the Direct-Entry Keypad of the SPECIFIC Frequency (see Frequency Manual), that you are wanting to IMPRINT onto the Triple-Distilled Water.

5. Push the Slide Switch up to "SINE".

6. Place the Bottle on top and in the center of the BIO-ENERGY EQUALIZER.

7. Turn the Amplitude Knob COMPLETELY Clockwise.

8. Allow the Water to be treated with this SPECIFIC Frequency (see Frequency Manual) for 15 minutes.

9. Turn the Amplitude Knob Counter-clockwise just before the "OFF" Position.

10. Remove the Bottle SLOWLY from the BIO-ENERGY EQUALIZER.

11. Turn the Amplitude Knob COMPLETELY Counter-clockwise to turn the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument "OFF".

12. Carry the Bottle in a Pocket on the LEFT Side of the Body or in a Bag/Purse, being carried on the LEFT Side of the Body.

NOTE: The SPECIFIC Frequency (see Frequency Manual), that is now IMPRINTED onto the Triple-Distilled Water, emits a Micro-Magnetic Field, which supplements Energy, HELPING the Body to HEAL itself. Do NOT get the Bottle near Magnets or Electromagnetic Fields, since the IMPRINTED Energy Fields could be ERASED.

Your Micro-Magnetic Remedy or Homeopathic Remedy will have the BEST chance of working for you, if you AVOID these Common Natural Substances which are an ANTIDOTE: Camomile, Camphor, Coffee, Eucalyptus, Menthol, Mint and Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca).

Revised 1/22/08