Water is NOT one SOLID mass of Liquid, but it actually consists of Layers. When these Layers SLIDE by each other, as when SHAKEN, the surfaces of these Layers are susceptible to ADSORBING an Electromagnetic Force or Energy. Whenever Water is TURBULENT, it is affected by Magnetic Forces, which are either manmade or from the Earth's NATURAL Magnetic Field. In Nature, this occurs whenever Water flows over rocks or obstructions, around sharp bends or over elevations and depressions in the River or Stream's Bed. These Actions have been found to cause Water to be "Structured".
Whenever Water is "Structured", the Molecules within it STRENGTHEN their Positive and Negative Charges, thus INCREASING their NATURAL Attraction and Repulsion. The result is that MORE Molecules "stick" together, forming Liquid Crystal Chains. The forming of these Crystal Chains causes a DRASTIC Change in the COMPOSITION of the Water, making it quite DIFFERENT from what we consider "normal" Water. One of the MAIN BENEFITS is that this NOW "Structured" Water becomes MORE like the Body's own Water, meaning that the Body does NOT have to make CHANGES to it, before it becomes USEFUL! In addition, ANY Herbs and/or Supplements, but especially Foods taken with "Structured" Water will be assimilated MORE EASILY, thus causing a MORE RAPID Reaction. There are also MANY other BENEFITS to the use of "Structured" Water, including MORE EFFICIENT and STRONGER Colloid Production, increased Plant Growth and the REDUCTION of Mineral Deposits in Water Pipes and Water Heaters.
Water, that is passed through STRONG Magnetic Fields, is being used in Industry and Medicine in Russia, France, U.S.A. and other countries. The Volga Research Institute in Russia NOW irrigates HUGE areas with Magnetized Water. The Water has been found to give a 28% INCREASE in Winter Wheat, 17% in Corn, 37% in Cucumbers and 32% in Tomatoes! So IMPRESSIVE have been the results that a SPECIAL Crop Sprinkler is NOW being mass-produced, which magnetizes the Water. And Factory Engineers in Russia are using methods of Steam Boiler Water magnetizing for REDUCTION of Boiler Scale and the Textile Industry. Also a similar Device is also being tested in the State of Washington to INCREASE the fertility of Rainbow Trout!
Hurricanes, Tornados, Typhoons, Waterspouts, Whirlpools, and similar motions in Fluids occur when Liquids drop through an opening known as a "Vortex". The action is the concentration of Kinetic Energy (motion of the fluid). In the atmosphere, Thermals and Wind Shear are the source of the Energy, which produces the Tornado "Vortex". In liquids, such as Water, the Potential Energy (Mass) is converted to Kinetic Energy as it descends, pulled by Gravity through an opening. A small initial rotation about the opening becomes MORE violent (HIGHER Rotational Velocity) as the Molecules come CLOSE to the Center. The resulting OUTWARD Force tends to keep the liquid out of the EXACT center, maintaining a "HOLE" in the remaining Liquid. This "Vortex" Action has also been found to produce "Structured" Water.
NOW we know that "Structured" Water can be produced in several different ways. These 3 ways will result in varying degrees of STRUCTURE within the Water that is being treated.
1. By shaking it VIGOROUSLY.
2. By shaking it within a Magnetic Field.
3. By running it through or over small obstructions, such as small smooth pebbles, which will
    create small Eddies or "Vortex" Action behind each pebble.

"Structured" Water can be induced by vigorously shaking or swirling water in a Container. When this is done deliberately, Magnets are usually ADDED to the Container to insure that there is a STRONGER Magnetic Field.

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