TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  September/October 1999 Vol. 2 No. 8
NATURAL EMERGENCY NUTRITION: Part 2 - Readily Available Foods
Compiled & Edited by Tom Harrelson (Revised 7/28/13)

NOTE: I can VOUCH PERSONALLY for MOST of the NATURAL Foods in this NATURAL EMERGENCY NUTRITION Series! A few of which I wasn't aware, have been HIGHLY recommended to me! This List is by NO means COMPLETE and may CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, being Additions, Deletions and Modifications! If interested in MORE DETAILS on the information below, then CLICK ON ANY LINK (Blue Underlined Words or Phrases), that is AVAILABLE.
If and when AVAILABLE, you should preferably obtain Wild-Crafted &/or Organic Foods!


Among the Legumes, the Lentils are the MOST NUTRITIOUS, containing NOT just HIGH-QUALITY Protein, but Complex Carbohydrates for ENERGY and WARMTH!
NOTE: Lentils cook MUCH QUICKER than MOST other Beans and are EVEN MORE NUTRITIOUS, when sprouted (see below - Sprouts Section)!

Bee Pollen:

Bee Pollen has been known as a VERY NUTRITIOUS Food, since ancient times and modern Scientists have verified these findings!

Honey - RAW:

RAW Honey has ALL 5 WONDERFUL Bee Products! Besides the Honey itself, you get Bee Pollen (see above), Propolis, Beeswax and Royal Jelly. The Hunza People, who live in the Himalayan Mountians, live to be over 100 years old, and dying a NATURAL Death! The Beekeepers, who live in Hunza Land have been known to live from 10-20 years LONGER!!

Logan Bread:

Logan Bread is a delicious, DENSE, chewy Bread that's VERY NUTRITIOUS and is ALMOST IMPERVIOUS to SPOILAGE! This makes a huge batch of sixty 2-inch squares, HIGH in Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals. Keeps weeks at Room Temperature, EVEN LONGER in the Fridge and INDEFINITELY in the Freezer. The Recipe for this WONDERFUL Bread is as follows: 4 lbs. (14 1/2 cups) Whole Wheat/Kamut or Spelt Flour, 1 1/2 cups Sucanat (dehydrated Cane Juice), 1/2 cup Instant Dry (or Soy) Milk, 1 tsp. Sea Salt, 2 tsp. Rumford's (non-aluminum) Baking Powder, 1 tsp. Cinnamon, 1 tsp. ground Nutmeg, 1 cup chopped Nuts (see below), 4 cups PURE Water, 1 1/4 cups Honey, 1 1/2 cups Blackstrap Molasses, 1 1/4 cup Sunflower Oil (or other HEALTHY Oil), and 2 cups Dried Fruit (see below).

Preheat oven to 300oF.. To blended dry ingredients, add Water, then Honey, Molasses, Oil and Fruit. Pour batter about an inch thick into oiled Pans and bake 1 hr. Reduce oven to 200oF., leave door open slightly and continue to dry Bread for several hours. The LOWER the Moisture that is in the Bread, the LONGER that it will KEEP!
NOTE: You can get these Ingredients from your local Food Coop and/or Health Food Store. If NEED be in an EMERGENCY, you could substitute other comparable and/or various other NUTRITIOUS Ingredients, if the ANY of above are NOT AVAILABLE!

Dates, Figs, Prunes, & Raisins:

These are some of the MOST NUTRITIOUS Fruits AVAILABLE, but particularly Figs, which contain Carbohydrates for short, medium and long-term ENERGY!

Amaranth, Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Millet, Oats, Quinoa, Rice, Spelt, Teff, Wheat/Kamut & Wild Rice:

These are VERY NUTRITIOUS Grains, but EVEN MORE so, when they are sprouted as Grasses, but particularly Barley and Wheat/Kamut!


Parched Corn is a NUTRITIOUS Native American Food and Pinole is a sweetened version of it. Shake out a Pint of dry, sweet Corn into a Baking Pan and put into an Oven that is heated to 350oF.. When the Corn has become a light Brown, sprinkle 2 heaping teaspoons of Brown Sugar on top and return to the Oven and bake until the Brown Sugar begins to MELT. Cool and grind in a Food Grinder. If you don't have a Food ginder, put the Corn into a couple of Plastic Baggies and pound them with a Rubber Mallet. Now, store the Pinole in a Plastic bag inside of a Nylon Stuff Bag. When eating some of the Pinole, wash it down with Water and it will SWELL UP, giving you a FILLED-UP feeling!


Garlic is BOTH a WONDERFUL Food and POWERFUL Herbal Therapy! The slaves of ancient Egypt, who built the Pyramids ate HUGE amounts of Garlic for ENERGY! Throughout the Centuries, when Plagues came and went, those People, who SURVIVED had ALMOST ALWAYS been eating LOTS of Garlic!

Slippery Elm Inner Bark:

SLIPPERY ELM is a Demulcent and Nutritive, plus it promotes Tissue REGENERATION! Slippery Elm Gruel is a soothing and HEALING Herbal Food for the Digestive System. Slippery Elm is as nutritious as Oatmeal and can be eaten as a Food frequently. It is especially GOOD for Children or Elderly, if they are having difficulty digesting Foods, while recuperating from an illness. The Native Americans ate Slippery Elm as a Survival Food, especially in the Winter, when Food was SCARCE! George Washington and his men also ate Slippery Elm at Valley Forge and SURVIVED a VERY COLD Winter!

Slippery Elm Gruel is made by the following Method:
1. Put 1 tablespoon of Slippery Elm Powder in a small bowl.
2. Slowly stir in 3/4 of a Cup of Boiling Water.
3. ADD Honey, Maple Syrup for sweetening and/or Cinnamon for flavor, after the Gruel has become THICK, like Cream of Wheat!

Pemmican & Jerky:

The Native Americans made up Pemmican in the Autumn as a SAFEGUARD for the coming Winter. They combined Dried Fruits with Dried Meat and Fat.. They also dried and ate various Meats to SURVIVE, when they NEEDED Food! They were also know to eat Slippery Elm Inner Bark (see above) and Acorns (see below).


Gorp, Granola & Trail Mix:

These are 3 NUTRITIOUS Mixes with various Dried Foods that can either be bought and/or made-up and stored, so that you can eat it at a later time. They can include the following ingedients: Nuts, Dried Fruits, Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds, Shredded Coconut, Carob or Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Banana Chips and Steel-Cut Oats.

Acorns, Almonds, Brazils, Cashews & Macadamias:

These are some of The MOST NUTRITIOUS Nuts AVAILABLE, but particularly the Almonds. The Native Americans stored Acorns and ate them for Food, especially in the Winter, when there wasn't MUCH Food AVAILABLE!

Alfalfa Chia, Pumpkin & Sunflower:

The Roots of the Alfalfa Plant reach 100's of Feet DEEP down into the Earth, drawing the Minerals and particularly the Trace Minerals, which are MISSING on the Earth's surface! Alfalfa are the MOST NUTRITIOUS Seeds AVAILABLE and are EVEN MORE NUTRITIOUS, when they are sprouted (see below)!!

The Chia Seed, which comes from a Sage Plant, was eaten by the Native Americans and ancient Roman Soldiers for ENERGY, especially when they had to walk for MANY Days!

Pumpkin Seeds are VERY NUTRITIOUS and have been eaten by Gypsy Men for Centuries for LONGEVITY of Life! They have been known to be ABLE to father children ALMOST up until the time of their death!

The Sunflower Plant yields Seeds that are VERY HIGH in Nutrition and Squirrels prize them above Nuts, often climbing the stalk of the Sunflower Plant to eat them!

Dulse & Kelp:

Dulse and Kelp are some of the MOST NUTRITIOUS of the Seaweeds that we can get from the Seas and Oceans in the World!
NOTE: Just be SURE that you get Seaweeds that come from NON-POLLUTED Waters!


All Beans (or Legumes) can be sprouted. The Bible Food, Lentils are the MOST NUTRITIOUS of ALL! Lentils are EVEN MORE NUTRITIOUS, when sprouted, becoming a LIVING Food, having a HIGHER Nutrient Density and providing EVEN MORE ENERGY when eaten RAW than when they are cooked!


Barley & Wheat/Kamut can be sprouted into Grasses, being LIVING Foods and VERY HIGH in NUTRITION and ENERGY!


There are MANY Seeds from which to choose, but Alfalfa is one of the MOST NUTRITIOUS of ALL, but especially when it's a LIVING Food!

NOTE: WHOLE GRAIN Pastas, plus Dehydrated (Dried) and Freeze-Dried Foods can be 3 MORE Readily-Available and NUTRITIOUS Foods, which would be WISE to have in stock, especially since they have a LONG Shelf-Life!

SUCANAT - Dehydrated Cane Sugar:

Swiss nutritional scientists have developed SUCANAT, which is basically Cane Sugar with the water removed. Cane Sugar is an almost PERFECT Food, preventing MANY of our modern-day diseases, because it provides SUPER NUTRITON.

Salt Products:

ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops can be added to all drinking liquids to obtain 80+ ionic (electrically-charged) minerals, that are usually LACKING in our bodies and in what we drink and eat.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is a MORE nutritious substitute for regular table salt, which is basically Sodium Chloride with a few chemical additives. Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 ionic minerals, being mined from the earth and is granulated for easy pouring and edibility.

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