Biophoton Light Therapy - Biophysiological Actions 1

  • INCREASES Serotonin.
  • IMPROVES Cell Proliferation.
  • INCREASES Muscle Tension.
  • SUPPRESSES Nociceptor Action.
  • STIMULATES Acupuncture Points.
  • RAISES Skin and Body Temperature.
  • INCREASES Metabolic Rate and Circulation.
  • INCREASES Endorphin Release, resulting in Pain RELIEF.
  • INCREASES Cell Membrane Permeability, resulting in BETTER Calcium Up-take.
  • BENEFITS Patients with Large, Heavy Body Type, and a Slow, Cold Physiological Disposition.
  • INCREASES ATP and Protein Synthesis, resulting from Growth Factor Response within Cells and Tissue.
  • STRENGTHENS Immune System Response via INCREASING Levels of Lymphocyte Activity and through a NEWLY researched Mechanism termed, "Photomodulation of the Blood".
NOTE: Red is CONTRAINDICATED and is NOT for the Agile, Quick, and Hot-Tempered Physiological Types. The Action of the Red LED can be scientifically confirmed by monitoring a Patient's Pulse or by using a Thermometer or a Blood Pressure Monitor before and after Treatment with the Red LED.

Revised 5/19/10