LED Phototherapy
Tom Harrelson
Revised 7/8/14

And GOD said, Let there be light: and there was light. (Genesis 1:3).


A Photon is the SMALLEST known Particle of Light Energy, has NO Electrical Charge or Mass (but has Energy and VERY LOW Momentum), can COLLIDE with other Particles (such as Electrons, EXCITING them to a HIGHER Energy Level), travels at the Speed of Light (186,000 mi./sec.), and is BOTH a Particle and a Wave. MOST Photons are invisible to MOST Humans and the Photons, which are visible, are in the Visible Light Spectrum.

The Wavelength of the Visible Light Spectrum is 400 to 700 nanometers (nm. - billionth of meter). Light is a UNIQUE Nutrition and is the ONLY Energy, which is visible, being seen in the form of Color.


Properties: LONGER Wavelength [600 - 700 nm. (visible - near infrared)], LOWER Frequency & SLOWER Vibration, than ALL other Colors.
Actions: MOST Stimulating and MOST Heating of ALL other Colors.
Related to: Blood, Physical Sensation & Fire.


Biophotons are the ULTRA-WEAK Light Radiations, coming from the Cells of ALL Living Entities, involving intra- and intercellular communication and regulation with DNA as their fundamental source. The properties of this Radiation or rather the Energy in our Cells are IDENTICAL to those of Laser Radiation.

The Energy of the Laser ACTIVATES the Power Stations (Mitochondria) in the Cells, thus contributing to the RELEASE of further Energy. "ENERGY" is the prerequisite for ALL life, of the individual cells, as well as of the COMPLETE Organism.

Biophoton Light Therapy Units

The Biophoton Light Therapy Units with HIGH-Intensity Red Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which simulate the action of a Laser, were first used for Skin, Hair and Scalp Health Problems. Later, they were used therapeutically for Pain Reduction (Acupuncture, Reflex Points &/or Pain Areas), Immunological Disorders and Exhaustion States. MORE clinical research and anecdotal evidence has confirmed MANY other uses (see Chart).

The Biophoton Light Therapy Units emit Photons, which are absorbed by the Skin Cell's Photoreceptors (but MINIMALLY by the Hemoglobin), penetrate about 1 inch into Body Tissue and will travel throughout the Body's Meridian System from ANY Acupuncture Point. European Researchers have even photographed this UNIQUE Phenomena.

The Biophoton Light Therapy Units OPTIMIZE Human Bioenergy, which has become DISREGULATED or INCOHERENT, thus SPEEDING-UP the Body's Healing Processes, STRENGTHENING it's Immune System, RELIEVING Pain, SOOTHING Inflammations, BALANCING Energy LOSS and INCREASING the OVERALL activity of Body and Mind.

Advantages: 625-660 nm. (visible red - near infrared), Monochromatic (single frequency), Power, Penetration, NO Safety Issues, NO Side Effects, LONG Diode Lifespan (100,000 hrs.) & LOW Cost ($100+).
Disadvantage: NON-Coherent (out-of-phase waves) - MINOR Problem (Monochromatic Light, Power, Penetration - MORE Important).
NOTE: Biophoton (HIGH-Intensity Red L.E.D.) Unit is at least 80% as EFFECTIVE as a Laser (Red Diode) Unit (i.e. - 6 mins. Treatment Time - Laser Unit > 7 mins. - Biophoton Unit).

Laser (Red Diode) Therapy Unit

Advantages: 660 nm. (visible red - near infrared), Monochromatic (single frequency), Coherent (in-phase waves), Power & Penetration.
Disadvantages: Eye Safety Issue, SHORT Diode Lifespan (15,000 hrs.) & HIGH Cost ($250+).

My Biophoton Tools

I have researched and developed my own Biophoton Light Therapy Units known as the PHOTON TORCH™ and PHOTON FLOOD .


Therapeutic Effects Of Monochromatic Red Light Reference Manual (out-of-print).
Light Years Ahead - Brian Breiling & Bethany Argisle.
Colour Me Healing - Jack Allanach.
HEALING ENERGIES OF HEAT AND LIGHT: A Quantum Leap In Healthcare - Charles McGee, M.D..

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