Biophoton Light Therapy - Therapeutic Applications

Accelerated Heating Neuralgia
Acne Neurodermatitis
Addictions Neurodermatosis
Alopecia (hair loss after chemotherapy, metabolic disturbances, etc.) Orthopedic Disorders
Breast & Décolletage Firming Pain Reduction
Burns Physical/Mental Performance (increase)
Cellulite Poorly Healing Wounds
Chronic Fatigue Psoriasis
Circulatory Disturbances Psychogenic & Psychological Problems
Dandruff Rejuvenate Tired & Slack Tissue
Decubitus Ulcers (bedsores) Rheumatism
Depression Scars (post-op, etc.)
Dermatological (skin) Problems Seasonal Light-Related Disorders
Eczema Senile Keratosis
"Electro-Smog" Countering Sensitivity - Weather Changes
Emotional Disturbances Shingles (herpes zoster)
Energetic Regeneration Slackened Connective Tissue
Exhaustion Spider-Veins
Facial Wrinkle Reduction & Tightening Sports Injuries
Frostbite Stress Reduction
Fungal Conditions - Skin Stretch Marks (pregnancy and obesity)
Gray Hair (re-pigmentation!) Sunburn (relief and prevention)
Gynecological Problems Swollen Feet
Hair & Scalp Problems Trauma
Hair Transplantation (before & after) Ulcerations
Hemorrhoids Varicose Veins
Herpes Vascular Congestion
Immune System Activiation Vegetative Effects - Artificial Indoor Light
Inflammation Verruca (warts)
Joint Pain Vertebral Column Tenseness
Leg Complaints (old age/occupational) Vitality & Zest For Life Increase
Lymph System Mobilization Wounds (open, poorly healing; such as diabetics & so-called smokers' leg)
Menstrual Pain Wrinkles
Migraines & Vegetative-Type Headaches X-ray & Other Radiation (after-effects)

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Revised 11/5/08