Biophoton Light Therapy - Properties Of Red

  1. ENERGIZES the Liver.
  2. LIBERATES HEAT in the Body.
  3. BENEFITS the Muscular System.
  4. EXCITES the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid.
  5. BUILDS the Hemoglobin in the Blood.
  6. EXCITES Sympathetic Nervous System.
  7. CLEARS Congestion as well as Mucous.
  8. ACTIVATES the Circulation of the Blood.
  9. BENEFITS the Left Cerebral Hemisphere.
  10. STIMULATES and EXCITES the Nerves and the Blood.
  11. VITALIZES and ENERGIZES the Physical Body by the Production of HEAT.
  12. COUNTER-IRRITATES, thus producing HEAT, which is EXCELLENT for CONTRACTED Muscles.
  13. STIMULATES the Sensory Nerves; therefore it is of BENEFIT in DEFICIENCIES of Smell, Sight, Hearing, Taste and Touch.
  14. SPLITS the Ferric Salt Crystals into Iron and Salt with the Red Blood Corpuscles ABSORBING the Iron with the Salt then being ELIMINATED by the Kidneys and Skin.
  15. Is the Element of FIRE. FIRE is IMPORTANT for ALL Living Things; WITHOUT FIRE, COLD would PARALYZE EVERYTHING; WITHOUT HEAT, NO Motion or Activity would be POSSIBLE.
  16. DECOMPOSES the Salt Crystals in the Body and acts as a CATALYST for Ionization. WITHOUT the Ionization Process, NOTHING could be ABSORBED into the Body. These Ions are the Carriers of the Electromagnetic Energy in the Body.

Revised 7/18/07