Biophoton Tools - Using The Near-Infrared LED Beam On Scars

The Pulse Rate of 292 pps. is a VERY IMPORTANT Pulse Rate, because it RESONATES with Scars, that have FOCUS Activity. The PHOTON TORCH XL™ emits a 660 nm (near-infrared) Light Beam, that can be pulsed at 292 pps., and shined onto a Scar. If the Scar has a FOCUS Activity, a STRONG Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) Reaction will be the result! The EXACT Point (1 or 2) in the Scar, which has a DISTURBANCE, also has FOCUS Activity, and is MAINLY a Point, which crosses a Meridian, resulting in a DISTURBANCE in the Healing Process!

Since the FOCUS is NOW known, this Scar can NOW be treated by "light painting" it to EXTINGUISH the DISTURBANCE, using the 660 nm (near-infrared) Light Beam, being pulsed at 292 pps., that is emitted by the PHOTON TORCH XL™.
NOTE: The VAS Reaction will be felt, while doing this Procedure, so that a Person can know, whether or NOT he/she is on the RIGHT Point. After repeating this Procedure a few times, the VAS Reaction will STOP, because the Point on the Scar has been treated SUFFICIENTLY, and has LOST it's FOCUS Activity!

Revised 9/24/12