Colloidal Silver Nebulizer -
APPLICATION: Vapor Inhalation Therapy

1. Push one end of the 6 ft. Section of Blue Silicone Tubing onto the Outlet of your Air Pump, if you haven't ALREADY done it.

2. (1) Remove the Cork from the Funnel on your glass BIOREGENE (aka Hummingbird) Nebulizer. (2) Open your container of Liquid Silver (see NOTE below)), and pour it SLOWLY through the Funnel, until you've obtained a Liquid Level of 1/8"-1/4" (and NO MORE) at the bottom of your Nebulizer. (3) Push the Cork into the Funnel GENTLY, but SNUGLY.

NOTE: You can also use the following Liquids:
A. Liquid Colloidal or Ionic Minerals, such as Silver, Gold, Germanium, Iodine or Sulphur.
NOTE: Silver Sol, Molecula Silver or Sovereign Silver are supposed to be SUPERIOR to standard Colloidal or Ionic Silver solutions.
B. FRESH Juice of Organic Garlic or Lemon.
NOTE: Filter-out the Pulp by using an unbleached Coffee Filter.
C. Herbal Tinctures/Extracts, such as Essiac, Hoxsey, or other POWERFUL Herbal Combination Formulas. You can also use SINGLE Herbs (i.e.-Grapefruit Seed Extract/Antiseptic, Lobelia/Antispasmodic, Valerian Root/Nervine, White Willow/Analgesic or Red Clover/Anti-Tumor).
NOTE: Please dilute the Tinctures/Extracts down with 4 parts Distilled Water (20-40% alcohol content) or 8 parts Distilled Water (40-80% alcohol content).
D. Trace Minerals Drops will INCREASE the Mineral Absorption, Electrical Generation and Electrical Conductivity in the Body.
NOTE: Please dilute the Trace Minerals Drops with 10 parts Distilled Water.
E. Liquid Chlorophyll through the Nose will DECONGEST Sinus Cavities.
F. Aromatic/Essential Oil (i.e. - Pine Needle, Thyme, Eucalyptus - Lungs, Lavender - Nerves, Rosemary - Brain or Lemon - Children) or AIR DETOX Essential Oil Combination (Eucalyptus - Lungs & Citrus Oils - Mood Lifting)].

3. Plug the A.C. Plug on the end of the A.C. Cable, which is connected to your RENA 200 (or another brand/model) Air Pump, into a A.C. Surge Supressor Power Strip, if you haven't ALREADY done so.

4. (1) Hold your Nebulizer upright with your right/left hand, point the Outlet either to left or right and observe the internal Glass Tubes. (2) Turn the Micro-Air Valve Knob clockwise SLOWLY with your opposite hand, while observing the Liquid Silver rising up and into the right-angled Capillary Tube. (3) Turn until the Liquid Silver rises-up the capillary tube with the right-angled tip, while observing that the barely-seen (or barely-felt/heard in ear) Vapor is streaming outward (NOT downward) from the Outlet of your Nebulizer.

NOTE: If one or both of the Lungs are infected, are asthmatic or have an ABNORMAL Growth, then adjust the Micro-Air Valve Knob, so that the Oil/Liquid goes SLIGHTLY beyond the end of the tip of the right-angled Glass Tube. The LARGER Vapor Particles, that are produced, will remain in the Lungs LONGER, before going through the Lung Tissue into the Bloodstream.
This special Stand & Clamp should be purchased, so that your Nebulizer can be held during your EXPERIMENTAL Vapor Inhalation Therapy Treatment Session and also so that you can EASILY see inside of your Nebulizer, during the Micro-Air Valve adjustment procedure described above.

5. (1) Hold your Nebulizer upright with the Outlet pointing towards and about 1 inch away from, but NOT in, your Mouth. (2) Exhale FULLY and SLOWLY. (3) Pucker your Lips like you're sucking through a Straw. (4) Inhale the Vapor DEEPLY and SLOWLY (hold for 5-10 secs.), thus ensuring that the Vapor will MORE EFFICIENTLY be absorbed through the Lung Tissue into the Bloodstream. (5) Exhale FULLY and SLOWLY. (6) Repeat (3) thru (6) twice. (7) Breathe the Vapor NORMALLY now through your Mouth and/or your Nose about 6 inches away from the Outlet. (8) Hold Breath for 5 - 10 seconds (after each 5 breaths). (9) Exhale FULLY and SLOWLY. (10) Continue the Breathing Sequence [(7) thru (9)] for 10 - 15 mins.. (11) STOP your EXPERIMENTAL Vapor Inhalation Therapy Treatment Session. (12) Rest 1/2 hr..

NOTE: Do (1) thru (5) 12 - 15 times, SKIPPING (6) thru (12), when you're in a HURRY, but do this Method NO MORE than 2 - 3 times per week.

6. (1) Do your EXPERIMENTAL Vapor Inhalation Therapy Treatment twice/day [8 A.M. & 8 P.M. or 12 P.M. & 12 A.M. (+1hr.) - 6 Days/ON & 1 Day/OFF - very IMPORTANT]. (2) Continue for 3 weeks (18 Days/ON & 2 Days/OFF=20 Days - TOTAL). (3) Take 1 week/OFF - VERY IMPORTANT, since the Immune System must have time to REST and READJUST.

NOTE: Continue your EXPERIMENTAL Vapor Inhalation Therapy Treatment until desired Results have been obtained.


STOP your EXPERIMENTAL Vapor Inhalation Therapy Treatment (1 day ONLY) &/or drink MORE Charcoal Slurry, if Detox Reactions, such as Fevers, Cramps, Headaches, Diarrhea, Nausea, Rash, Scratchy Eyes &/or General Malaise, become UNBEARABLE!

Revised 6/9/11