Colloidal Silver Nebulizer

FUSION 500 Air Pump +
6 ft. Silicone Tubing +

Bleeder Air Valve +


The BIOREGENE Nebulizer (see above) uses Micromicellar Aerosol Technology to atomize ANY Liquid/Oil into a SUPER-FINE Vapor. You can now inhale Colloidal Silver, so that it bypasses the Digestive System and is absorbed MORE EFFICIENTLY.

The Air Pump Output flows through Inlet-A of the BIOREGENE Nebulizer and ejects at the tip of the Capillary Tube in Area-C, creating a Vacuum at the tip of the right-angled Capillary Tube in Area-C, thus pulling up the Oil/Liquid held in Reservoir-B. Then Oil/Liquid ejects from the tip of the right-angled Capillary Tube, entering the HIGH-Velocity Airstream in Area-C, dispersing upward through 6 pairs of Constrictions-D, and BREAKING-UP into EXTREMELY SMALL and STABLE Particles, then ejecting at a LOWER Velocity at Outlet-E. LARGER Particles condense and drain downward to Reservoir-B.
NOTE: The Colloidal Silver Vapor is made-up of Particles with an EXTREMELY SMALL size (.01 micron-100 millionth of a meter), thus ensuring it reaches into the DEEPEST recesses of the Lungs, passes MORE EFFICIENTLY through the Lung's Mucosal Lining and is absorbed into the Bloodstream.
Sovereign Silver or Meso Silver are supposed to be SUPERIOR to standard Colloidal or Ionic Silver solutions.

The Colloidal Silver Nebulizer Is:

1 - FUSION 500 Air Pump, 1 - Bleeder Air Valve, 1 - 6 ft. Silicone Tubing and 1 - BIOREGENE Nebulizer.

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Revised 10/10/13