TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  April 1998 Vol. I No. 2
OZOL - The Healing Vapor
Tom Harrelson
(Revised 12/17/18)

Part 1:  "What is OZOL?"

1Another promising oxygenating substance was OZOL, a safely breathable carrier of Ozone described in 1912 in Dr. Homer Clark Bennett's "Electro-Therapeutic Guide", in the chapters "Oxidizing the Blood" (starting on page 379), and "Oxidation: Pure Blood and Disease Strangers to Each Other". The Inventor, Dr. William D. Neel of Chicago, found that Ozone can be attached to certain aromatic oils which may then be inhaled without any lung irritation, at a concentration 10 times that at which Ozone is safe to breathe.

OZOL was made by passing Ozone through a Crescent-Shaped Tube containing a mixture of pinus oils, such as Eucalyptus, Pine, and Thyme. The type of Ozone Generator was cold spark, high-frequency, using 20,000 Volts at less than 2 Amps. Air was forced by a blower through the Ozonator, then through the pinus oil tube, and then delivered to the patient through a breathing mask. The OZOL was inhaled for 30 to 70 minutes at each treatment; the patients determined for themselves when they'd had enough. Dr. Neel identified the OZOL molecule as C10H18O3, though there were presumably other intermediaries and aromatic by-products present. The effects were quite SWIFT and broad-spectrum!

If anyone is using OZOL Generators today, the news has not yet arrived here (see italics-mine). Since Ozone is such a potent oxidizer and disinfectant, it would be well worth the effort to reconstruct and distribute a system that can bind it into a safely breathable form at effective concentrations. Please CLICK HERE to read the Details about the LATEST state-of-the-art version of the OZOL Generator.

2OZOL: A terpene peroxide gas having a formula of C10H18O3. An unstable compound made by the OZOL machine, combining Ozone (O3) in the nascent state, with the volatile principles of Terpene oils. Given by inhalation. Producing rapid oxidation of the blood. Oxidation of effete matter and increase of body temperature......................378-387, 388.

Ozone: Triple oxygen (O3) liberated from air by a disruptive discharge of electrification, as lightning, static sparks, high-frequency effleuve, etc. The chief product of the OZOL Generator entering into the composition of OZOL.............379-389.

Ozonizer: A machine for generating or liberating Ozone from air.

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Part 2:  "Why is TEA TREE OIL, the BEST Aromatic Oil OVERALL to Use in Making OZOL Vapor?"
Plant/Part: Tree/Leaf
Latin Name: Melaleuca Alternifolia
Family: Myrtacaeae
Extraction: Distillation

AROMA: Fresh and sanitary, rather pungent, similar to turpentine.

FEATURES: A tree growing up to 20 ft. in the marshy areas of New South Wales, Australia and now grown on plantations. Has great vitality, flourishes even when cut down, and after 2 years is ready to be cut down again.

HISTORY: The Australian Aborigines have long recognized it's value and used it to heal infected wounds. It was brought to Europe in 1927 and was found to have excellent antiseptic qualities. Recently, it has been found to have powerful immuno-stimulating effects (see PROPERTIES).

PROPERTIES: Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Bactericide, Balsamic, Cicatrisant, Cordial, Expectorant, Fungicide, Insecticide, Parasiticide, Stimulant, Sudorific, and Viricide.

CONSTITUENTS: Terpineol (Alcohol), Cineole (Ketone), Cymene, Pinene, And Terpinene (Terpenes).

USES: Tea Tree Oil's most important use is helping the immune system fight off infectious diseases by activating the white corpuscles to form a defense against any invading organisms, thus helping to shorten the duration of illness. It is indicated in cases of influenza, colds, catarrh, and AIDS (as an adjunctive therapy).

It promotes sweating and helps to remove toxins out of the body. Because of it's strong germicidal properties, it can be used in cases of repeated infections. It's fungicidal properties are helpful in cases of Candida Albicans fungal infections and genital infections in general. It is also excellent in cases of cystitis and pruritus. Helps to ease the middle ear infection, otitis. Can be used to cleanse wounds and eases inflammation in the intestines.

APPLICATIONS: It can be applied as a massage oil to help fortify the body before an operation and to help in reducing post-operative shock. It can be applied as a protective film to help keep tissue from being damaged by the deep penetration of the X-rays. It can be applied directly on cuts, abrasions, spots, blemishes, acne, eczema, rashes, burns, sores, boils, tinea, carbuncles, ringworm, athlete's foot, psoriasis, warts, sunburn, insect bites and stings, and cold sores (Herpes Simplex).

It can be used in a Nebulizer to produce a gaseous vapor, that in turn can be breathed for any lung problems. A Nebulizer is needed that provides a super fine gaseous vapor (see Part 3), thus providing an efficient way to get the Tea Tree Oil into the bloodstream. This super fine vapor can then be absorbed through the mucosal linings of the lungs and into the bloodstream, thus doing an excellent job of healing the body in many ways (see PROPERTIES).

NOTE: You should NOT take Tea Tree Oil or any other aromatic/essential oil FULL-strength internally, because ingestion of a few teaspoons has been found to be FATAL! Tea Tree Oil can be used orally by DILUTING it (6 drops/8 oz. of water) and then using this solution as a mouthwash to cleanse your mouth and/or as a gargle to help to ELIMINATE a throat infection, spitting it out afterwards.

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Technical Manual.

Part 3:  "Why is the BIOREGENE Nebulizer, the Best Nebulizer to Use When Making OZOL Vapor?"

The BIOREGENE Nebulizer (see above) uses Micromicellar Aerosol Technology to atomize a Liquid/Oil into a SUPER-FINE Vapor. The OZOL Vapor can be inhaled, thus bypassing the Digestive System, and resulting in MORE EFFICIENT Absorption into the Bloodstream.

The Ozone/Air Output from an Ozone Generator flows into Inlet-A of the BIOREGENE Nebulizer and ejects at the tip of the Capillary Tube in Area-C, creating a Vacuum at the tip of the right-angled Capillary Tube in Area-C, thus pulling up the Oil/Liquid held in Reservoir-B. Then Oil/Liquid ejects from the tip of the right-angled Capillary Tube, entering the HIGH-Velocity Airstream in Area-C, dispersing upward through 6 pairs of Constrictions-D, and BREAKING-UP into EXTREMELY SMALL and STABLE Particles, then ejecting at a LOWER Velocity at Outlet-E. LARGER Particles condense and drain downward to Reservoir-B.
NOTE: OZOL (Ozone + Terpene molecule=C10H18O3) is made-up of Vapor Particles with an EXTREMELY SMALL size (.01 micron-100 millionth of a meter), thus ensuring, that it reaches into the DEEPEST recesses of the Lungs, passes MORE EFFICIENTLY through the Lung's Mucosal Lining and is absorbed into the Bloodstream.

Editor's Note: Several years ago, I had SEVERE Bronchial Pneumonia and did OZOL Inhalation Therapy, using Dr. Schulze's Clinical Air Treatment Formula (now known as AIR DETOX) in my BIOREGENE Nebulizer, and HEALED myself within 24 hours!!

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