TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  March 1998 Vol. I No. 1
OZONE - Very Important Health Enhancer!
Tom Harrelson (Revised 11/4/10)

Part 1:  "What is Ozone and how is Ozone formed?"
Before we can ask the question, "What is Ozone?", we need to ask, "What isn't Ozone?". Ozone is NOT the primary pollutant in the smog as our newscaster would have us to believe. Think about it! How could it be the main component in smog, when it only occurs in .3 to 1 part per million on the average? Maybe we should take a closer look at the carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur compounds, that we are now finding out are the real bad guys in the smog, since they can truly irritate and contaminate our lungs. But then we would have to blame the "nice" people who run the companies that spew-out these toxic compounds, wouldn't we? So why not blame "OZONE"? Sounds logical, doesn't it? Hmmm!
Now we can ask the question, "What is Ozone?". First though, let's find out what oxygen is. Oxygen (O1) is a single atom, having a deficiency of two electrons, making it electrically unstable and highly reactive, so that it occurs normally in the air as the stable oxygen molecule (O2), bound together by spin resonance. One single unstable oxygen atom (O1) plus one single stable oxygen molecule (O2) equals one single unstable tri-atomic oxygen molecule Ozone (O1+O2 =O3). Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer, because it has the single unstable oxygen atom (O1), thus being able to neutralize those toxic compounds we saw earlier (more later). So if anything, we should "Welcome" more Ozone in the air that we breathe, so that it will get rid of those bad guys. The E.P.A. would like us to believe that if the air contains more than .5 parts per million of Ozone, that our lungs will become irritated. But let's really take an objective look at this critical statement for the simple reason why it seems that Ozone is irritating to our lungs.
Ozone, being a very powerful oxidizer, reacts strongly with the contaminants that are deposited in our lungs from the pollution that we have been breathing for many years. Ozone, while doing it's strong oxidative clean-up job, may seem to be a little harsh, but it is really helping us out health-wise, unlike the toxic compounds in the smog that are truly irritating and which after being deposited in our lungs can cause us problems later (more later). Ozone also protects us from the excess Ultra-Violet rays from the sun, which interact with the rancid suntan lotions/oils, producing Skin Cancer. Ozone is the fresh clean smell after a thunderstorm, in a pine forest, on a mountaintop, near a waterfall, or along a seashore, not to mention what makes the sky blue! So how could Ozone be the good guy in the upper atmosphere, but be the bad guy down here on earth?
Please make up our minds! Doesn't our favorite dessert taste the same, no matter where we eat it, whether at home or on the other side of the world? Hmmm! This sets the record straight, because we now know that Ozone is truly the good guy. Maybe the truly bad guy is that local newscaster that keeps perpetuating the same old myth, that Ozone is the main component in smog and that it is really bad for us to breathe. But as we found out, this just isn't true!
We can now take a look at the next question, "How is Ozone formed?". Lightning is static electricity with an extremely High-Voltage and capable of electrically splitting a stable oxygen molecule (O2) apart, producing two separate single unstable oxygen atoms (2 X O1). Each single unstable oxygen atom (O1) will tend to attach itself to another single unstable oxygen atom (O1), thus forming a single stable oxygen molecule (O1 + O1=O2), but it will also to a lesser degree attach itself to a stable oxygen molecule (O2), thus forming an unstable Ozone molecule (O1+O2=O 3). Ozone is the fresh clean odor we smell after a thunderstorm.
Next, Ozone is formed naturally by the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun reacting photochemically with the oxygen molecules in the air of the upper atmosphere. The Ozone layer is formed this way. Ozone is also formed naturally by the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun reacting photochemically with the oxygen molecules in the air at ground level. Ozone is the fresh clean odor we smell when we dry our clothes in the sun. Last of all, Ozone is formed naturally by U-V rays reacting photochemically with toxic compounds spewed out by industry and by transportation sources such as automobiles, buses, trucks, trains, and planes. Ozone is found in pollution because of this process.
Ozone is also formed artificially by man-made electrical and U-V sources including air cleaners, clothes dryers, copiers, faxes, televisions, and electrical motors. There is a problem though with these artificial sources. They generate harmful nitrogen oxide compounds along with the Ozone also being generated (more later). Remember though, that Ozone is Ozone is Ozone, nothing more, nothing less, no matter how it is formed!

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Part 2:  "What can Ozone do and how can Ozone be generated efficiently?"
Now we want to know, "What can Ozone do? You'll remember that our good guy "OZONE" is highly reactive and oxidative. The extra single unstable oxygen atom in the Ozone molecule wants to break away and react with other electrically unstable atoms and/or molecules, including nitrogen and/or hydrocarbon-based chemical compounds, oxidizing them into very stable and safe atoms and/or molecules. For instance, Ozone (O3) will combine with the highly reactive chemical solvent, Acetone, producing the following harmless molecules and atoms: C3H6O + 8O3 = 3CO2 + 3H2O + 8O2. Or combine with the harmful aromatic chemical, Ammonia, producing these harmless molecules and atoms: 2NH3 + 3O 3 = N2 + 3H2 O + 3O2. These are only two of the many chemicals that Ozone can neutralize. And since Ozone can neutralize these powerful chemicals, then we can rest assured that it will neutralize toxic household and work-place odors such as smoke, cooking, bathroom, carpet, clothing, body, fungus, mold, must, and mildew. These also include the toxic odors that are produced from the out-gassing of the materials being used presently in building construction and home furnishings.
More than we can begin to realize, this multitude of toxic chemicals can accumulate in our bodies and rob us of the oxygen that we desperately need for our cells' metabolism! Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine twice and was nominated an unprecedented 3rd time, proved scientifically that when the oxygen level in a human cell goes below 40% (below 12%-air), then that cell will change from the metabolic process of the respiration of Oxygen and Glucose to the catabolic process of the fermentation of Carbon Dioxide and Glucose to survive and, unless it receives the required oxygen, it will later become a cancer (plant) cell.
Ozone can help us in the following 3 ways: 1. By oxygenating the starving cells, they will return back to their normal metabolism. 2. By oxidizing the toxins, the fertile grounds will be eliminated for the pathogens to flourish. 3. By neutralizing anerobic (without or partially without oxygen) micro-organisms (i.e.-bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, yeasts, and/or parasites), the body can eliminate the disease. We can now have the clean bodies and the clear minds, that we desperately need these days, because Ozone can be used to accomplish this in the following 4 ways: 1. The Air, that we are breathing, can be purified by dispersing Ozone into it. 2. The Water, that we are drinking, gargling, bathing in, douching with, and/or colon cleansing with, can be purified by infusing Ozone into it. 3. The Produce, that we eat, can be detoxified by infusing Ozone into a bowl of water with the produce in it. 4. This Body, that we live in, can be detoxified by putting Ozone into it by various methods (see end-Part 3). And besides these there are also industrial applications that include infusing Ozone into sewage, waste water, and municipal water supplies (3,000+ cities throughout the world including Moscow, Paris, Los Angeles, and Dallas), plus 95% of the bottled water that we are now drinking!
Now, the question is, "How can Ozone be generated efficiently?". Ozone can be generated efficiently by the following 2 methods: 1. The Ultra-Violet lamp imitating the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun. This photochemical process generates Ozone along with very little harmful nitrogen oxide compounds that we saw earlier (see Part 1). 2. The Electrical Discharge method imitating Lightning. This electrical process generates Ozone along with varying amounts of the harmful nitrogen oxide compounds, depending on the particular design used (static or alternating, low to high frequency, &/or type of electrode).
If oxygen is used as the input gas, instead of air for either process, then no harmful nitrogen oxide compounds will be produced and higher amounts of very effective Medical-Grade Ozone (12-20%) will be generated. Ozone Generators that use either process can either be carefully constructed or prudently purchased. Ozone can then be generated to super-oxygenate the bloodstream, thus oxidizing toxins and neutralizing pathogens, thereby preventing castastrophic disease and maintaining excellent health.

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Part 3:  "What is the history of Ozone and how is Ozone being used medically today?"
Next, we want to know, "What is the history of Ozone?". 1840 (Germany): Ozone was first discovered by Christian Friedrich Schonbein. 1857 (Germany): Technical Ozone unit first constructed by Werner von Siemens and successfully used against pathogenic germs in animals and humans using insufflation (body cavity infusion). 1932 (Germany): Ozone being used as a medical therapy on a regular basis by dentist and surgeon, E. A. Fisch. 1943 (U.S.A.): Medical-Grade Ozone was learned about from a German POW scientist during a deadly flu epidemic on Ellis Island, NYC during WWII by pediatrician, Dr. Robert Mayer. He used Medical-Grade Ozone safely and effectively on over 12,000 children (plus a few adults) throughout his medical career (45+ years). 1979 (U.S.A.): Medical-Grade Ozone first used on AIDS (with a Haitian from Florida) by Dr. George Freibott of the International Association of Oxygen Therapy. KS lesions were treated and eliminated using Medical-Grade Ozone in rectal insufflations, colonics, and IV injections. 1983 (U.S.A.): Medical-Grade Ozone being used successfully to treat over 33 major diseases including AIDS, Cancer, Herpes, Hepatitis, and Mononucleosis as reported in the 6th World Ozone Congress proceedings in Washing-ton, D.C. 1986 (U.S.A.): "Ozone Decontamination of Blood and Blood Products", Patent No. 4,632,980 granted to Medizone. Medizone states that HIV and other diseases can be eliminated in stored blood by their application of Ozone and even though it has been used medically on humans for over 100 years in the U.S. and in Germany, FDA won't approve human testing. 1987 (Germany): Medical-Grade Ozone used successfully on 3 AIDS patients (Stage 8 to Stage 1) by Dr. Horst Kief, using major autohemotherapy treatments with virtually no side effects. 1987 (Germany): "The Use of Ozone in Medicine", a book published by Karl F. Haug lists 225 Ozone medical references and over 48 diseases commonly treated with Medical-Grade Ozone, including anal fissures, AIDS, Cancer, Colitis, Hepatitis, Herpes, open sores, and wounds. And this list goes on and on (see References). Needless to say, there is plenty of positive proof that Ozone really works effectively against many various diseases, but particularly against what we really want to hear, AIDS and Cancer!
Now we come to the question, "How is Ozone being used medically today?". Ozone, incorporating a number of proven medicinal actions, including antiseptic, bactericide, disinfectant, fungicide, parasiticide, hemostat, virucide, circulatory stimulant, wound-cleansing, and wound-healing effects, can be used in the following 11 ways: 1. External Application (local & total body). 2. Insufflation (ear, rectum, & vagina). 3. Major autohemotherapy. 4. Minor autohemotherapy. 5. Intra-arterial. 6. Intra-cutaneous. 7. Intra-muscular. 8. Intra-venous. 9. Inhalation (oil or water+diffuser, atomizer, or nebulizer). 10. Ozonated water (drinking, gargling, bathing, douching, & colon cleansing). 11. Ozonated Olive Oil (external local applications-burns, scars, eruptions, lesions, rashes, sores, wounds, & fungal infections).
The exciting and informative journey into the world of "OZONE" is now completed or is it? Now that we have studied the facts, we are now compelled to make a choice to use the Standard Treatments that have many side effects, do mask symptoms, and do not treat the root cause of AIDS, Cancer, and various other diseases. Or to use the clinically proven Ozone as an Alternative Treatment, that has virtually no side effects, does not mask symptoms, and does treat the root cause of AIDS, Cancer, and various other diseases!

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