PHOTON FLOOD™ - Operating Instructions


By law, I must tell you that at NO time should the PHOTON FLOOD™ be used to replace PROPER Medical Treatment, or be considered as a Replacement for PROPER Physician Care and for ALL Medical Conditions consult your Physician FIRST, before using this Experimental Biophoton Device.

NOTE: Please CLICK HERE to read information about the various actions, applications, effects and/or uses for the different LED Colors.

Preliminary Comments:

1. Your PHOTON FLOOD™ radiates a SOLID/CONTINUOUS multi-color Light Beam, being powered by 110 Volts A.C.. This SOLID/CONTINUOUS multi-color Light Beam can be shined onto a LARGE affected Body Area (i.e. - Skin, Joints, Involved Muscles, Tumors, etc.) to "light paint" this involved area.

2. Please follow these Steps CAREFULLY to ENSURE EFFICIENT Operation of and EFFICACIOUS Results from your PHOTON FLOOD™.

Operating Steps:

1. Flip the black button 'IN' on the rear of the case of your PHOTON FLOOD™ to turn 'ON' the SOLID/CONTINUOUS multi-color Light Beam.

2. Shine the multi-color Light Beam DIRECTLY onto an involved area of pain, swelling and/or inflammation.

3. Perform this Procedure on each Area, that NEEDS to be treated, for 10-30 minutes.
NOTE: This Procedure can be done up to 3 times per day, and each Area should receive a treatment time per day up to 60 mins. for acute conditions and up to 120 mins. for chronic conditions.

4. When you're FINISHED using your PHOTON FLOOD™ in the SOLID/CONTINUOUS multi-color Light Beam Mode, flip the black button 'IN' again on the rear of the case of your PHOTON FLOOD™ to turn 'OFF' the SOLID/CONTINUOUS multi-color Light Beam.

Final Comments:

1. Continue your EXPERIMENTAL Biophoton Light Therapy Treatments until you've obtained the DESIRED Results.

2. DISCONTINUE &/or MODIFY your EXPERIMENTAL Biophoton Light Therapy Treatments with your PHOTON FLOOD™, if DETOXIFICATION becomes TOO UNCOMFORTABLE, but then just as SOON as possible (1-2 days), please continue your EXPERIMENTAL Biophoton Light Therapy Treatments.

3. Monitor the duration of your EXPERIMENTAL Biophoton Light Therapy Treatments, when you're using your PHOTON FLOOD™ with a Digital Timer (i.e. - Radio Shack No. 63-661).

4. Clean the Lens on the Head of your PHOTON FLOOD™ once per week, or as NEEDED, using a 3M Lens Cleaning Cloth, thus ENSURING that the multi-color Light Beam is being emitted at it's MAXIMUM Output.

6. Please do NOT look DIRECTLY into or view DIRECTLY with Optical Instruments the multi-color Light Beam from your PHOTON FLOOD™ for MORE than 5 seconds, thus ENSURING that there will NOT be a Spot before your Eyes for 1 or MORE Hours!

7. Please do NOT allow a Child to operate your PHOTON FLOOD™, unless he/she is SUPERVISED by an Adult!

Revised 7/10/14