PHOTON TORCH IR™ - Eye Problems

NOTE: The following Information contains an Alternative Healing Method that has been found to be EFFECTIVE in HELPING the Body to HEAL various Eye Problems.


1. See the PHOTON TORCH IR™ - Operating Instructions for BASIC Operation.

2. Shine the Invisible WIDE Light Beam from your PHOTON TORCH IR™ upon the CLOSED Eye (Lid) at a distance of 1 1/2" to 2" for 2-3 minutes - 2 times per day on one or both of your Eyes, that have a problem.

3. Continue your EXPERIMENTAL Biophoton Light Therapy Eye Treatments, until you've achieved the DESIRED Results.
NOTE: If possible, please keep a Log from your Starting Date of your Treatments, using the above Protocol, and let me know about the progress and/or results of your particular Eye Problem(s).

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Revised 3/2/13