PHOTON TORCH™ - Eye Problems

NOTE: The following Information contains an Alternative Healing Method that has been found to be EFFECTIVE in HELPING the Body to HEAL various Eye Problems.


1. See the PHOTON TORCH™ - Operating Instructions for BASIC Operation.

2. Shine the Red Light Beam from your PHOTON TORCH™ DIRECTLY upon the CLOSED Eye (Lid) and/or light "paint" the involved area at a distance of 0 to 1/4" for 2-3 minutes - 2 times per day on each of your Eyes.
NOTE: You can also shine the Light Beam on a SPECFIC Acupoint.

Also, if your particular Eye Problem has NOT responded within 3-4 weeks, after using Red, then you may want to use another color, such as Green or Blue.

3. Continue your EXPERIMENTAL Biophoton Light Therapy Eye Treatments, until you've achieved the DESIRED Results.
NOTE: If possible, please keep a Log from your Starting Date of your Treatments, using the above Protocol, and let me know about the progress and/or results of your particular Eye Problem(s).

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Revised 10/13/15