PHOTON TORCH XL™ - Facial Problems

NOTE: The following Information contains an Alternative Healing Method that has been found to be EFFECTIVE in HELPING the Body to HEAL various Facial Problems, including Herpes Simplex/Cold Sores, Acne/Pimples, Aphtous Ulcers & Gum Infections.


1. See the PHOTON TORCH XL™ - Operating Instructions for BASIC Operation.

2. Enter the Specific Frequency - 266 Hz. into the Keypad.
NOTE: Please see WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument - Operating Instructions.

If the particular Facial Problem involved has NOT responded within 1-2 weeks, after having used the Frequency of 266 Hz. or 727.5 Hz., then please use the SPECIFIC Frequency or Frequencies (see Frequency Charts), which are indicated for your SPECIFIC Health Condition(s).

3. Hold the RED PHOTON TORCH XL™ DIRECTLY on the center of the Sore or AFFECTED Area. Or 'paint' the AFFECTED Area, if it is LARGE (over 1/2 in.).

4. Apply the Light from the RED PHOTON TORCH XL™ on the AFFECTED Facial Area for 4 minutes - 4 times per day.

5. Continue Treatment until the DESIRED Results have been achieved.

NOTE: Please keep a Log from your Starting Date of using this Protocol and keep me informed of the progress of your particular Facial Problem(s).

Revised 1/30/10